Zoom End-To-End Encryption: Prevent Users from Outside Attacks

The meetings and communications between each ends of zoom video conferencing platform are now secure with End-To-End-Encryption (E2EE) feature release. This E2EE feature when it is turned ON, no one except the zoom participant not even zoom’s meeting servers will be allowed to access to the encryption keys that are used to encrypt the meeting.

End-To-End-Encryption (E2EE) is new feature announced by Zoom Company and has started roll out to both free pair Zoom’ users globally. This feature will be available on “Zoom Desktop Client Version 5.4.0” for Mac and PC users with up to 200 participants can join together.

E2EE new feature of Zoom is also available for Zoom Android Apps and Zoom Rooms, but if you are iPhone user, then you have to wait for some time because Zoom iOS app is pending Apple App Store approval, hope release in future.

Zoom Video Conferencing platform End-To-End Encryption (E2EE): Prevent from outside attacks 

Zoom Company explained that Zoom is made using 256-bit AES-GCM encryption to provide security to zoom meetings. Enabled E2EE feature will prevent anyone from illegal accessing or interrupting both end communications. It will also prevent zoom users from outside attacks. It means except zoom participants from both ends, on one can see the data in your video or audio meetings.

Video conferencing platform zoom’s accounts admin can enable End-To-End Encryption on the web dashboard at different level like account, group and user level. Zoom participants are also allowed to toggle ON and OFF End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) feature for any meetings depending on the level of security and functionality level they would like to add. For example, if someone toggle ON E2EE feature at account level, then their conversation will be secure at account level with this feature.

This new feature is now available for both free and paid zoom users and can be enabled on the zoom web dashboard at account, group and user level. You can enjoy Zoom End-To-End Encryption (E2EE feature) by enabling them.