Windows 10 ‘Cobalt’ Sun Valley to Bring Major UI Changes

According to report, Microsoft (American Multinational Company) is currently working on new project called “Sun Valley” that would introduce major UI changes next year with Windows 10 October 2021 update.

Actually, it was complain of Windows 10 users that most of the Windows 10 OS’s UI and features haven’t changed much over the past five years. On other hand, MacOS 11 Big Sur – 17th and next major release of MacOS by Apple Company.

It brings a major UI (User Interface) redesigned as the biggest change since the introduction of Mac OS X. This new Operating System version introduces refinements to the interface such as translucency and a new color palette.

Now comes to “Microsoft Sun Valley Project”, the company is planning to add or introduce major UI (User Interface) changes that will arrived in Start menu, Action Center, Tablet Mode, File Explorer/Windows Explorer on Windows 10.

Microsoft also explained that this new UI will be a part of Windows 10 ‘Cobalt’ release that is expected to release in holiday session of 2021 as Windows 10 October 2021 update. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley has already confirmed that existence of this project and document described that the 2021 update of Windows 10 will be release as Windows 10++ with codename “Sun Valley”.

It is also expected that a wider adoption of WinUI throughout the Windows Shell and in-box apps which should provide subtle yet improved designed changed. Additionally, more legacy OS’s UI areas are expected to get “Dark Mode” support effort in making Windows UI look and feel more consistent when using “Windows 10 Dark Mode” theme.

Note that Microsoft can cut or delay these plans at any time between and update can ships next year. The company has not announced the release date of its Windows 10 ‘Cobalt’ update or Windows 10 Sun Valley Project yet. But report says, Microsoft has given green signal to its Sun Valley Project and will be finished by end of Windows 10 ‘Cobalt’ development semester (January to June 2021).

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