WhatsApp Pay is Live For Android and iOS in India: Allow UPI Transactions

According to report, “WhatsApp Pay” is now live in India means people across India will be now able to send & receive money through “WhatsApp Messenger”. Like other popular payment apps including Google Pay, Amazon Pay or other third-party payment app, now WhatsApp is also ready for sending & receiving money.

Delayed in launching UPI-based WhatsApp Payments is due to Indian Government who actually notified all messing giant to store all payments-related data within country to comply with NPCI (National Payments Council of India) guidelines. Now, WhatsApp has received all the required approvals and permission for its “WhatsApp Pay” to roll out in India.

WhatsApp Company explained in its blog post that “WhatsApp Pay is now available for all people across India”.  If you are belongs to India, then it is good news for you that you have payment option in WhatsApp Messaging app that can help you to safely send money to a family member or share the costs of goods from long distance without having to exchange cash in person or going to any local bank.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is currently working with 5 major banks of India including ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and Jio Payments Bank for money transactions. It means you need to have a bank account and a debit card, and then you will be able make WhatsApp Payments using any UPI supported App.

“WhatsApp Pay” will allow you to send and receive money with ease, much like send and receive messages on the app. Developers focuses on security and privacy of WhatsApp users, they have already started rolling out WhatsApp Pay to all people across India, which is similar to Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe and users required to enter a UPI PIN before making payment.

“WhatsApp Pay” or “WhatsApp Payments” is available in 10 Indian Language for Android and iOS users both. To get this feature or option, you need to update or download latest WhatsApp version.

How to set up WhatsApp Payments on Android or iOS?

Step 1: At first, you need to update your WhatsApp on Android or iOS to latest version

Step 2: After update, open “WhatsApp” App in your phone

Step 3: For Android users,heard to chat window, tap on “Attachment” icon and select “Payment” option. For iOS users, head to “Settings” option and select “Payments” option

Step 4: Now, tap on “New Payment” option and tap on “Accept and Continue” option

Step 5: Follow the instructions. Add your bank from the list that pops up, verify your phone number and add your bank account

Step 6: Verify your debit card details by entering card number and expire date/year

Step 7: Finally, set up your UPI PIN, enter OTP you get, enter the desired PIN and re-enter it. Now, you are able to send/receive money using your “WhatsApp Pay”.

Since, WhatsApp Pay was already made available in 2018 and had tested with this WhatsApp Payment with 1 million users. Now according to NPCI’s statements, WhatsApp Company will expand its UPI user base in graded manner and will start with total of 20 million users. That’s all. You can enjoy “WhatsApp Pay” feature on Android and/or iOS device by updating/downloading the WhatsApp to latest version.