Update Hp laptop WIFI driver to get best from it

If you are looking for HP laptop WIFI driver, you are on right place. We help you to find latest and correct WIFI driver for your laptop. Just go with our guide.

WIFI driver is a software program that installed on your hard disk and allows your operating system to communicate with your wireless and network adapters. It acts as a medium of exchange for the people to associate with the web. Also, it is the driver that helps your hardware give your 100% and ensure that you can access Internet with even faster without connecting Internet to your PC.

You are on this page most probably because you found that your laptop was not connecting to wireless Internet and thought that your wireless card is broken or something. Total three ways we are going to discuss to solve this issue. Each of which requires no any technical knowledge and will take a few minute to complete. These are the ways you should go with and see what is causing the laptop not connecting to the wireless internet:

  • Check your wireless card, if it is correctly plugged-in – undo the back of your laptop and see if any terminals are showing
  • Update the driver -go to the device manager section under network adapter setting and see if the wireless network adapter is showing. If not, you need to update your driver
  • Replace the wireless card – if the previous two methods do not work, there might be a case that the wireless driver is faulty or there is something wrong with their driver and so it needs to be replaced/ reinstalled.

How to update/ install hp laptop WIFI driver?

HP drivers are available for all Windows versions, including Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 with both (32-bits 64-bits). These are free to download and install without paying.  So, choose the one that is suitable for your variant of windows system – whether it is Windows 7,8,10 32-bit or 64-bit version etc and download it from driver download section from your computer. Here the step by step guide provided for you on how to install the suitable driver on your hp laptop.

Download the WIFI driver from the HP website

  • Go to official HP website, and then search your computer model

  • Now, go to the driver download page for your computer and download the latest and correct driver for your Hp laptop
  • Install the driver by opening the downloaded file and then following on-screen instructions

If you have no time, patience or skill, you can install hp laptop WIFI driver automatically using various third party driver downloading tools. Using such tools, you do not exactly need to know what system your computer is running and so there will be no risk of downloading and installing going wrong. The driver downloader tool will handle all this for you.