Twitter Releases ‘Space’ Audio ChatRoom Feature

According to report, Twitter Company has released its new feature as “Audio ChatRoom” in Beta version where Twitter users will be capable of creating or joining chatroom, and share audio clips in tweets and DM (Direct Messages). This Beta Test of Audio Chat rooms is known as “Spaces”, which will allow you to send audio clips in tweets, and to create your own chat rooms for others to join.

Twitter explained that “It is a small experiment focused on intimacy of the human voice”. ‘Audio Conversation’ feature in Twitter will help musicians and authors to bring their works to life, while other Twitter users can used this feature to tell stories, share emotion, jokes, and other audio clips.

Twitter also explained that “Spaces” – Audio Chat rooms in Twitter, is being tested by a small feedback group. Those users who are capable of accessing this feature, they can create a ‘Space’ by pressing & holding the “Compose” button at lower-right corner. This feature can also be accessed by Fleet creation screen by swiping right. You can invite other Twitter users to your ‘Space’ or created Chat rooms by sending them a direct message or b sharing a link.

Furthermore, Twitter also says that those who created a ‘Space’ will have full control over who can or can’t speak in their ‘Chat room’. Twitter is developing a moderation features including “Reporting and Blocking” within Spaces to prevent abuse.

To reduce confusion caused when multiple twitter users in chat room speak at the same time, the company is providing the feature to react using “Emojis” including raised hand, raised first, victory/peace sign, 100, and waving hand as reactions in question.

Moreover, Twitter is also working on an early version of ‘Live Transcription’ with this private beta. Since, this private beta is focused on iOS so, ‘Space’ – Chat room feature in Twitter will first come to Twitter’s iOS app, and then comes to Android. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.