Touchégg v2.0.2 Available With Touchscreen and Smoother Animation

Touchégg” multi-touch gestures recognizer designed to provide “Egg Window Manager” Window management through gestures. This program is written in C++ using Qt 4 and utouch-geis. However, the company decided to extend this functionality so Touchégg is compatible with any Window Manager and providing more option.

With a simple configuration file, you can attach actions including maximize or minimize windows, resize, show the desktop, emulate all mouse functions and more to particular gesture.

As mentioned, Touchégg is multi-touch gesture recognizer application. This gesture application runs in the background and transforms the gestures you make on your touchpad into the visible actions on your desktop.

With this gesture, you can maximize a window by swiping up with 3 fingers and switch to the next desktop by swiping left with 4 fingers. Hoverer, you can configure this gesture app for other actions.

Touchégg 2.0.0 version released with several new improvements

The problem with Touchégg app is that it fails to work on Linux advance desktop environment using modern technologies like Wayland compositor. So after more than years of gap, “José Expósito” has now revised and released a version of Touchégg i.e., “Touchégg version 2.0.0”.

With this new release, this gesture app belongs to Touchégg is now compatible with new technology stacks incorporate in KDE, GNOME and other desktop environments. It supports smoother animations that follows your fingers like this maximize animation.

Touchégg v2.0.2 Released with latest Linux desktop support

Touchégg v2.0.2 is now available with smoother animations, touchpad and more important improvements. With version 2.0.2, Touchégg is now compatible with the latest Linux desktop technology stack.

Touchégg v2.0.2 has added support for the touchscreen means “Pinch” and “Swipe” gestures can be used on your touchscreen device to perform several actions including maximize the window, switch between open windows and other actions.

Touchégg v2.0.2 also supports smooth animation on touchscreen devices with the limited resources Raspberry Pi 4. Additionally, you can switch between desktops/workspaces using up/down/left/right direction for grid of desktops.

Furthermore, Touchégg v2.0.2’s desktop file is included to “Autostart programs” on installation. So, addition desktop file to of manual autostart is not required. You can download Touchégg v2.0.2 Debian or RPM package for your “Linux Distribution” and installing the application by double-clicking on installation package.