Tesla Providing 64GB USB Flash Drive to Record Activities in “Sentry Mode”

According to report, Tesla (American vehicle and clean energy company) is giving a 64GB USB flash drive wrapped in its own LOGO to record videos in “Sentry Mode”. In other words, Tesla Company is now providing its own storage device for recording footage through Sentry Mode/TeslaCam.

Tesla Sentry Mode” is surveillance feature provided by Tesla to record the activity especially when you not in your car. It is just like CCTV camera integrated into your electric car. The automaker cameras are installed outside and inside of car to record the events.

You are allowed you to view the footage in Sentry Mode on your PC/laptops or Smartphone. To do so, you have to download/install an app to view it on your device and need USB storage device to store the recorded videos.

Furthermore, it will be easy for “Police” in identifying and catching the thieves with the help of “Tesla Sentry Mode” feature. With this feature, you can reduce theft cases and vehicle vandalism means it can record any suspicious activities on “new Tesla USB storage device” when you are not in your electric car.

However, “Tesla Sentry Mode” doesn’t drain battery and can last for almost 9 days with this feature turned ON. There are chances that burglars may steal your some valuable items from your electric car but with enabled “Sentry Mode”, you will be able to record these suspicious activities. Report says, Tesla has already integrated USB port location and glovebox with its new Tesla Model 3 update.

Tesla Company also introduced a PIN for unlocking the glovebox to reduce the risk of thieves stealing USB device and provide powerful System security.

How to view saved clips and event stored on your USB drive?

Step 1: Tap on “Menu” icon in the upper left corner of viewer. Each video is organized by date, location and thumbnail for easy access

Step 2: Additionally, tap on “DashCam” or “Sentry” options

Step 3: Select a clip or event to play the corresponding video. To select a video from particular camera, tap on Front, Rear, Left or right thumbnail

Step 4: You can pause or play video using video controls at bottom of the player.

Step 5: To delete a video, tap on “Trash” icon in the bottom of right corner of the video player

To work on Tesla with “TeslaCam” and “Sentry Mode” feature, you need a few accessories. You can use “Jeda’s Model 3 USB hub” for model ‘Y’ or other plugs and hide your “Sentry Mode drive”. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.