Telegram 7.2.0 Released with Multiple Pinned Messages Feature

Developers of “Telegram” – a cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging app have recently released new update with version name “Telegram 7.2.0”. The company has already started rolling out this new update with several improvements and features including live location alerts, multiple pinned messages, media grouping, and more features.

“Pinned messages” features on Telegram allow you to keep conversations separate. You can see all the pinned messages on separate page while “Live Location alert” feature allows you to see the live location of users who already shared their live location with you, and you will alerted when they are live. Let’s take have a look at new features of Telegram 7.2.0 update.

Telegram new update with version name Telegram 7.2.0

“Live Location Alerts” Feature

With this new update, you can set an alert to tell you when your contacts are nearby, who already shared their live location with you. You can see their live location on the map that will show their direction. This feature will help you to guide them to meet you more easily.

“Multiple Pinned Messages” feature

“Pinned Messages” is another new feature that comes with Telegram 7.2.0 version. This feature allows you to pin a number of messages where you want to keep your conversation separate or you are communicating with someone on several different things at the same time. It means you can pin more than one message in any chat or channel. You will be also allowed to move all the pinned messages on separate page.

“Media Grouping” Feature

With “Media Grouping” feature on Telegram 7.2.0 version, when you send multiple songs over Telegram and/or start playing one song, Telegram will automatically create a playlist of all delivered songs and will be automatically played when current playing song end. However, you can separate or remove each song from playlist if you want. You are also allowed to share any group of files including images, music and documents as a group.

New update with version name Telegram 7.2.0 is now available for Android and iOS. You can download this new update for Telegram App via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for your Telegram Android App and iOS App respectively.