Rocky Linux Release in Q2 2021: How to Participate To Contribute

According to report, the Community Manager at Rocky Linux has already stated that their teams are currently working to coordinate the many individuals and organizations that have offered to help advanced “Rocky Linux”. The developer team is planning to release this new update in Q2 of 2021 which will be available in standard commercial region, AWS GovCloud and in China.


Rocky Linux developer has selected AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the primary build platform and for this development, it will use ‘Koji Software’ and MBS (Module Build Service). The developer team is also looking for scripts and builds tools for finalizing the building process very soon.

Furthermore, the security team has drafted a ‘Data Classification Policy’ which will be made available for groups, members or public, and permissions structures for the build infrastructure have been laid out for review and evaluation.

Rocky Linux teams have also designed AWS network and security topologies allow to work all team members in parallel. The work has started on OpenSCAP documents for popular STIGs, and the plans are being made with the aim of Rocky Linux becoming FIFS complaint.

Moreover, Rocky Linux team is also planning to upgrade the bandwidth to GitHub resources which has exceeded the current plan. Note that within 12 days, they received nearly 150K page on their official forum and result in, the upgradation is necessary.

At the moment, Rocky Linux is on the development so their team can’t estimate the time to release its availability. However, it is expected that Rocky Linux team will share a timeline for the delivery of automatic package build infrastructures, package repository, installer testing readiness and more in future.

If you want to be part of Rocky Linux development team and contribute something to its development, then you can fill the participation form via link Participation Form: To be part of Rocky Linux Team.