Reliance Jio Released ‘JioPages’ Browser Update with New Features

According to report, Reliance Jio has started rolling out new update for its “JioPages” web browser which was released last month. Reliance JioPages Browser Update release with three notable new features including tweaked User Interface (UI) with new navigation buttons, support for “Curated Short videos” and new default search option. With this new update, JioPages browser is now available as new version name i.e., JioPages v2.0.1 which is live on “Google Play store”.

For those who are not aware, Reliance Jio Company last month released new of JioBrowser known as “JioPages” which is now available in 8 Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. “JioPages” offers “On-Par” feature with leading “Mobile web browsers”. It offers you to read localized content within the browser and pin them to your home screen.

JioPages offers “Download Manager” feature allows you to access files based on their type including images, videos, documents and pages. It also supports voice search and QR Code scanner for quickly accessing websites. However, this browser also supports Ad Blocker for blocking ads and popups.

Now comes to JioPages v2.0.1 – new version of JioPages browser released by Reliance Jio recently, the updates come with support for “DuckDuckGo” as one of default search options. It is privacy-focused search engine which has become favorite of many internet users and they are interested to use this feature.

JioPages browser” with new update added the support for curated Short videos of up to 30 seconds that will allow Jio users to find new content from across a host of different categories including technologies, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and, more.

Another new notable feature of Reliance JioPages Browser Update is a refreshed interface with addtition of new navigation and exit buttons. This new UI will help Jio users to navigate within app and exit it in one step once they done using browser.

Chromium Blink-based “JioPages” browser latest update is available on Google Play Store so you can download/update JioPages browser from there. That’s all. If you have any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.