Reinstall Realtek Sound Driver (Easy Steps)

Realtek Audio is very popular among Windows PC users and probably you are also using Windows device with realtek audio. The sound you are hearing through your PC is because there is a Realtek HD audio codec and the compatible driver. There are many users who use sound card or use HDMI but that is a different topic all together.

In order to communicate between the OS and realtek audio, you need to download a Realtek sound driver. You can go to the device manager option of your work-station and search for Windows update in order to get a new driver. Since we are specially talking about the Windows 10 OS, the steps to check the Windows update has been mentioned below.

  • Click on Start menu > Device Manager. Look for “Sound, Video and Game Controller” and select the connected device. Right click on the chosen device and select “update driver”.

The Windows 10 OS will automatically search and install the best compatible driver.  However, in some case you may find troubles and you have to take things on your hand. You can follow the below process to install or reinstall Realtek Sound Driver yourself manually.

The First Step is to uninstall the Current Sound Driver

When you decide to download a new Realtek sound codec driver, it is important that you uninstall the driver which are already there and delete all its traces. To do so, open the “Device Manager” from START menu. When you scroll down, you find “Sound, Video and Game Controller” option. Search for something like “Realtek High Definition Audio”. Choose it and right click to select “Uninstall Device”. Press “OK” when it asks for “Delete the driver software for this device”.

realtek sound

Check for Duplicate Drivers

Sometime there are multiple drivers installed for single device. In order to check duplicate drivers, go to device manager window and choose “show hidden devices” option present at the top right corner. The list of hidden drivers will be displayed if there are any. You have to select the duplicates and right click to the uninstall option. Next is to restart the PC once again.

Download and Install Realtek Sound Driver

For downloading any kind or version of Realtek driver, you have to visit its official website. You can find the driver for a particular model in the “download section”. Sometime messages appears on the screen that informs that particular driver may not be compatible with the some motherboards. You don’t have to worry much. Just go ahead and click on “accept” and you will be redirected to the actual download webpage. Select your OS and click on the “Global” Link.

Install the Driver

When you download the driver, it gets stored in the “Download” section. Go this folder, search for the driver .exe file and execute it. The installer will pop-up certain windows which you have to follow closely and let its things. In most cases, you just have to click on “Next” button and installs gets completed. Next is to restart the PC.

Final Verification

After completing the above steps, when you reboot the PC, the driver will be installed. In order to verify this, go to “Device Manager” and visit “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”. You will find “Realtek High Definition Audio” here. In case if it is not there then this means that installation was interrupted for some reason. You have to again to the “Downloads” folder, search the driver and install it again.

On the other hand, if it is verified that Realtek sound driver has been successfully installed, you can play any video Online and Offline and its sound will be fine. You can play your favorite music, videos and enjoy all over again.