Reinstall Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver Windows 10

Fix “Application Cannot run – This Thunderbolt application is not in use anymore and can be safely uninstalled” by reinstalling the driver and utility software 

Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver” allow you to connect peripheral devices including storage device, monitors, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals to your computer by using Thunderbolt port. In other word, this driver is required to communicate connected peripherals with your Operating System (For example, Windows 10 64-bit). If “Yellow Exclamation Mark” shows on “Intel Thunderbolt Controller” in “Device Manager”, then the driver software for Intel Thunderbolt Controller is missing, corrupted or outdated. In this case, you can clean download/install Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver or update the driver to resolve the problem.

What is Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver?

Thunderbolt is brand name of connector (To Connect computing devices) designed & developed by Intel Corporation. Intel Thunderbolt 1 and Intel Thunderbolt 2 both use “Mini DisplayPort (MDP)” connector while Thunderbolt 3 re-uses the USB-C connector from USB.

Intel Thunderbolt Controller combines PCI Express (PCIe) and DisplayPort (DP) into two separate signals and additionally it provides DC (Direct Current) Power all-in-one cable. It allows you to connect up-to 6 peripherals to one connector via various network topologies.

Thunderbolt 3 Technology belongs to Intel Thunderbolt family provides 4x more video bandwidth than HDMI 1.4 and 8x faster than USB 3.0, and this cable provide 40GBs connection to displays, docks or storage all while changing the System. This new technology uses USB-C.

Sometimes, you may receive an error message stating that Thunderbolt application not working or not in use anymore and it can be safely uninstalled in order to run Intel Thunderbolt Management Utility or Intel Thunderbolt Controller center utility on your Windows host System. Let’s take have a look at error message.

“Application Cannot run – This Thunderbolt application is not in use anymore and can be safely uninstalled”

This error might occur if your computer is unable to detect Intel Thunderbolt Controller or Intel Thunderbolt device. If your Thunderbolt device is in good condition and Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver is problematic, then the problem will still be persisting.

In some cases, this issue can occur if different driver standard used for Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver and associated utilities or if different version types are mixed. So, in such case you will need to find the matched driver or utility software on Windows computer.

If you are no longer run Intel Thunderbolt Controller software or Management utility software that controls the authentication and management of Thunderbolt devices, then you can resolve the issue by uninstalling the Thunderbolt Host Controller Driver and Thunderbolt software and deleting all the related Windows service, and then reinstalling the suitable & latest drivers for your Intel Thunderbolt Controller on your Windows computer.

How to uninstall and reinstall Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver on Windows 10?

Step 1: You have to be logged on to your System as User with “Administrator” permission

Step 2: Disconnect any Thunderbolt devices from the host machine

Step 3: Press “Windows + X” keys together from keyboard and select “Device Manager”

Step 4: In the opened “Device Manager” window, click on “View > Show Hidden devices”

Step 5: Now, locate and expand “System Devices” category

Step 6: Right-click on “Thunderbolt Controller” and select “Uninstall Device”

Step 7: Follow on-screen instructions to finish the uninstall process

Step 8: After uninstall, close “Device Manager”

Step 9: Press “Windows + X” keys together from keyboard and select “Command Prompt as Administrator”

Step 10: In the opened “Command Prompt” window, type “sc delete nhi” (without the quote) and hit “Enter” key. You will receive a “SUCCESS” indicator. This will delete “nhi” windows service presently installed on the System.

Step 11: Then close “Command Prompt” window

Step 12: Now, click on “Control Panel > Applications and Features” and check if “Thunderbolt Software” in the list programs. If any present, uninstall them

Step 13: Once Intel Thunderbolt Controller software and associated program uninstalled, now download the install the latest version of Non-DCH version of Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver and software from System manufacture website.

Step 14: Once the latest version of Intel Thunderbolt Driver and software installed, restart your computer to save the changes

Step 15: Now, reconnect a Thunderbolt device to the System and run the Intel Thunderbolt Controller software or utility software, and check if the problem is resolved.


If the Intel Thunderbolt Controller utility and driver software installed on your Windows computer is not matched with System configuration or types of Intel Thunderbolt Controller you use, then it can cause several issue. So, you can uninstall and then download/reinstall Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver in your computer to fix the problem. If this article really helped you, then you can share this post with others to help them.