Know How To Fix chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives

chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives” is common error usually appear when you run “CHKDSK Command in Command Prompt” on Raw hard drive, raw USB external hard drive, raw pendrive, flash drive or raw memory card when these storage devices are crashed or damaged for some reasons. In other word, if the file System of the drive including hard drive, USB external hard drive and/or other is RAW, then you will receive “chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives” error message in order to run “CHKDSK” command.

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How to Fix Network Adapter not working Windows

Microsoft Corporation pushes regular Windows update for Windows 10 Operating System to fix several bugs and improve the overall performance. In some cases, Windows updates are also known to create more problems rather than resolving them. Here, we are discussing about “Network Adapter not working” Error that is one of the most common problem occur usually after upgraded your device to latest Windows 10.

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No Audio Output Device is installed on Windows: How To Fix

No Audio Output Device is installed” is common error associated with Microsoft Windows based devices that states no sound card is installed in your computer. If you want to confirm whether your System have this problem or not, then hove your mouse cursor over “Sound” icon in the System tray. If you get “No Audio Output Device is installed” Error, it is sure that either your sound card is problematic or device driver is missing/corrupted.

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How to stop my emails being marked as spam

Tell me, why this happens that every time when I send email from my email address through Gmail to my contacts, a large number of it are arriving at the recipients’ spam section. My friend just told me about this. Suggest me the reasons why my emails go in the recipient’s spam sections? How to stop my emails being marked as spam?

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Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation High CPU: How To Fix

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation” is associated with Windows Operating System based computer that serves as primary audio engine in Windows 10. It handles digital signal processing including advanced audio enhancements effects that is provided by Windows. This type of service allows the developers of hardware audio products to add their own audio enhancement service without replacing the Windows Audio Service. Read more

How to change background on Instagram story

One of the most popular features of Instagram is “Stories”. When Instagram added this feature, a sudden increase in user’s engagements was noticed and it is continuing till now. The company has gained a lot of users through this exciting feature and they are continuously adding new things to make this feature more interesting. It provides an easy way for its users to share their day-to-day happenings and updates with their followers. An Instagram stories is there for 24 hours and then it automatically disappears when the time period gets completed. There is no pressure of getting likes or share and it always fun to try different styles on Instagram stories. You can change the background color, pictures of Instagram stories and show your dynamic creativity to your followers. If you don’t know how to change background on Instagram story then you are at the right place to get the details. Read more

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