Valorant Act Two end date and time confirmed by official

Riot Games has officially revealed the end date for Valorant Act Two. It is set on October 13th. The developer informed about this by a tweet read as:

“Act II is coming to a close. Get in those last Ranked wins and go out on top when your Act Rank locks on October 13th.”

Another tweet says about the time when the ranked matchmaking will go offline:

“If you’re looking to play down to the wire, the last time you can queue for a Ranked match before Act III starts in NA is at 4:30 AM PT on October 13th.

So, you, being the Valorant player, have less than a week to move up your ranking and unlock the battle pass bonuses.

Remember, players will only be able to enter the ranked matchmaking before the announced end time, i.e., at 4:30 AM PT/5:00 PM IST on Oct 13th. However, if a match gets carried past the deadline, it will still unlock rewards based on player’s performance on the match.

Rumors suggest Valorant Act Three (that the Valorant Community is now looking forward to after the end of Act 2 announced) will soon be released a few hours after the end of the Act Two. It will be exciting to see as it will introduce new gameplay features to the multiplayer FPS.

Before the announcement of the end of Act two, Riot Games had posted an image, possibly hinting at Act Three. Fans’ predication is that the image is referring to a new winter map for the game. However, previously, the developers confirmed that they would only bring a new map after the end of Episode 1, which consists of three Acts.

Another Speculation theory says that the image is more likely refer to another in-game character, probably with cold related powers rather than a new map, as in Act 2, we have seen “Killjoy,” a new playable character with new powers, entered the fray in Valorant.

All in all, this announcement has brought excitement among Valorant Players to a fevered patch. It will be exciting to see what the developers have in store for the Players this time.

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