Oppo Shows Off Its Foldable Phone with Tri-Fold Design

According to report, Oppo (Chinese Smartphone Maker) is currently planning to manufacturer and release its first foldable Smartphone. After Samsung and Huawei, Oppo will be next Smartphone Maker to bring foldable phones in the market. Oppo’ s Vice-President, “Brian Shen” shared image on “Weibo” and explained that the prototype of foldable Smartphone by Oppo features an outward-wrapped flexible display.

As per image shared by Shen – the Vice President, Oppo’s foldable will features two screens when folded and single screen when unfolded. Its foldable feature seems similar to “Huawei Mate X” that offers an 8-inch Display when unfolded.

Oppo’s foldable Smartphone prototype appears to have a thick bar on one side that includes camera module. The camera module will allow you to capture selfies and landscape shots just like Huwaei Mate X. However, when we talk about “Notch” or “Cutout” when unfolded as features of Samsung Galaxy Fold for selfie camera module, Oppo’s foldable prototype has lack of this option, but contains a dual-LED flash on camera module.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone Prototype also appears to have new ColorOS based on Android. Oppo also explained its foldable phone as “Oppo Slide Phone” because this foldable device comes with tri-fold designed means three foldable screens attached by hinges which folding over in same direction.

With first unfold, you will get 40mm of usable screen space to view notifications, check out call history, and control music playback, while second unfold shows 80mm of screen lets you carry out most Smartphone functions. However, this unfold features a camera module for taking selfies and photos.

Oppo filled four Patents: Evidence of how different Oppo foldable could look

Oppo – Chinese Smartphone maker has filled four patents which show the Smartphone can be folded down several times. The first patent shows a Oppo foldable phone divided into 6-blocks with 1-Hinge in the middle and one above it, which can be folded up like calm shell or closed from above to kept path of screen visible to phone’s users, while second patent shows a zigzag foldable phone divided into 6-blocks which can be folded the display into body and another part face out.

The third patient shows a longer phone divided into 8-blocks instead of 6-blocks. Due to its two-hinge mechanism, the phone can be folded in half or partially from top inwards, while forth patent shows a similar phone with 8-blocks with 2-hinges. This one has camera module.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone: Release Date & Price

At the moment, Oppo Company has just shared a image of its foldable Smartphone, and there is no more information on when this foldable phone will arrive, and the specifications & features of phone as well. It is expected that Oppo’s foldable phone will arrive in 2021. We are researching on the matter and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.