New RCS Messaging Protocol Adds Live location, Read Receipts

What is RCS Protocol? Features of RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging stands for “Rich Communication Services” messaging offers a combination of important features and improvements. Most of the modern-day messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and others similar chat applications are based on RCS technology. It is successor of SMS (Short Message Service).

Messaging applications based on RCS like Facebook Messenger and others offers useful array of features where you can send GIFs and schedule your message for later date & time. You are allowed to send text messages along with emojis, GIFs, images and other files. This way, these apps offer advanced way to communicate online with our contacts.

On other hand, SMS or “Short Message Service” is used by less number of people on comparison to apps based on RCS. According to “Statista survey”, SMS usage saw a 15.8% spike with 2 trillion messages send in 2017-18 in US. SMS texting has lack of popular features according to this survey, while new protocol has also been added to RCS based applications such as live location, group chat support, read receipts, stickers, among other things, rising the new era of messaging with this new protocol.

New protocol of text messaging as RCS adds new features to its large user-base including live location, group chat support, read receipts, stickers and other features. On other hand, limitation of SMS texting like 160-character, you can type/send to recipients has overcome these shortcoming with RCS. However, Like for SMS texting, SIM activation is required, similarly, to enable RCS on your phone you would will an activated SIM card.

RCS Messaging Protocol Adds Live location feature and more

As mentioned above, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is successor of SMS marketed as advanced communications. It is next evolution of SMS and it is richer messaging content with several new features such as you can read receipts and/or others.

RCS the advanced communication protocols of SMS texting also offers users to share their location with each other, or attach high-resolution pictures, videos, audio, GIFs to messages. With RCS protocol in chat applications, users are also able to create and archive groups’ chats, or remove members from group chats. Moreover, they can enable read receipts feature and typing indicator that shows exactly when someone has read a message.

Furthermore, RCS protocol is widely adopted and supports on various popular chat applications including WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WeChat, Skype and so on. It is designed to work across all the phones and software.

In 2019, Google Company has also started rolling out RCS messaging protocol based application “Google Chat” for Android platforms. The search engine leader even released a cloud platform, Google Jibe to help network carriers transition to the new protocol.

Google’s Chat based on RCS messaging is texting platforms and it also offers many identical features. RCS features will work only when the sender the receiver both have enabled this feature. However, Google has yet not implemented “End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)” security layer to “Google Chat” that exits on some popular chat applications like WhatsApp and iMessage. It means Google Chat works in same way like SMS texting does.

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