New Antitrust lawsuit Against Facebook over its Acquisitions

According to report, the group of state attorneys general is preparing the charges against Facebook – popular social media giant over its acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram. It is legal challenge against Facebook which allege that Facebook’s purchase this two rival social app including WhatsApp and Instagram “Helped to create an anti-competitive social media juggernaut” which have had the effect of leaving consumers with worse services and fewer privacy protections.

For those who are not aware, Facebook Company has already spent $1 billion in 2012 and then$19 billion two years later to acquire two popular social media network including Instagram and WhatsApp respectively. On other hand, other notable acquisitions include virtual reality Company in 2014.

Facebook Company had promised users that it would preserve the messaging company’s independence and strong privacy protections when the company purchased these services. But Facebook reserved course years later and has sought to integrate its users’ data with the social networking site’s other services.

The controversial move has raised fresh concerns given the tech giants’ past privacy mishaps. Since, it is not first time when this type of concerns have been raised. In July this year, Facebook CEO had also faced “House Judiciary Committee” hearing which was specially questioned about Facebook’s acquisitions’ Instagram, which have been operating in anti-competitive manner.

As a result of that hearing, it has made clear to “House Judiciary Anti-trust” to take further actions and quick action taken by “House Judiciary AntiTrust”, Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee Chair David Ciciline. Let’s take have look at statement of “House Judiciary Antitrust” on the matter.

“This hearing has made one fact clear to me: these companies as they exist today have monopoly power. Some need to be broken up, all need to be properly regulated and held accountable. We need to ensure the antitrust laws first written more than a century ago work in the digital age.”

Some unknown investigators have suggested that Facebook is planning to integrate its messaging apps into single back-end platform that has been motivated by self-defense. It means that Facebook will combine all the functionality of its various apps or facebook’s acquired Apps into one single framework that can’t be broken up. If you separate specific app from the chain, then the apps won’t work like WhatsApp and Instagram.

As a result of it, a group of investigator is preparing the lawsuit against Facebook over its acquisitions. We are researching on the matter “Antitrust lawsuit Against Facebook” very deeply and we will defiantly post an update if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.