MIT Researchers Integrate “COVID-19 Cough Test” in Mobile App

According to report, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers have developed a mechanism to listen your “Cough Sound” with “Cough Test” tool based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm for COVID-19 diagnosis. MIT Researchers planning to integrate this COVID-19 Cough Test algorithm in mobile App.

MIT researchers have already received approval for “Cough Test” AI based algorithm in mobile app from “Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”. For those who are not aware, FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health. Upon receiving approval, MIT researchers with “Cough Test” mechanism are going to release the mobile on this basis.

This mobile app will allow users to test for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by only coughing close on their phone. Developers or researchers have already tested the app by taking 70K+ cough sound samples where 2500 were found COVID-19 positive. By collecting this “Cough Sound” sample, they developer AI based algorithm that can tell you that you are coronavirus patients according to your cough’ sound.

Furthermore, MIT researchers recorded a success rate of 98.5% when they tested for COVID-19 patients. Due to this accuracy and generate accurate result upon testing for COVID-19, FDA gives Thumbs-up to them and after that MIT researchers have decided to integrate this feature or algorithm on mobile app to make it easier for any users to carry out a self-test.

According to MIT developers or researchers, “COVID-19 Cough Test algorithm in mobile App” will allow you to detect or check whether you are COVID-19 patients or symptoms of this virus by simply coughing close to your phone. Note that “Quarantine” will be required if found positive for COVID-19, this will prevent the virus from spreading.