Microsoft’s Project Latte Allows to run Android Apps on Windows 10

According to report, Microsoft (American Multinational Company) is currently working on software solution dubbed as “Project Latte” that would allow Windows 10 users to run Android apps on its platform. In order words, you will be able to use Android apps on Windows 10 when this feature arrived.

Microsoft Company has taken the idea of bringing android apps to Windows 10 before via a “Astoria” – project codename. “Project Latte” motives to deliver similar product like in project codenamed “Astoria” and will be powered by tech similar to “Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL)”. The company will need to offer its own Android Subsystem for Android apps to actually run Android apps on Windows 10.

Note that Google Company doesn’t allow Google Play Services to be installed on any other native Android devices and Chrome OS. It means Android developers of APIs who want to run their apps on Windows 10 with “Project Latte” feature, will required to be updated to remove those dependencies before they can be submitted on Windows 10.

However, Windows 10 users are currently allowed run Android apps on their Windows 10 PCs/laptops via “Your Phone” App built into Windows 10. But this feature has been limited to handful of Samsung devices and is not always reliable. It means “Your Phone” App on Windows 10 offers this functionality depending on phone you have.

On other hand, Microsoft’s Project Latte offers Android developers to bring over apps that don’t already have a Windows version available. It will offers developers to package their Android apps using “MSIX” – package to repackage Android Apps without having to make major changes to the source code, and makes it compatible with Windows 10, and can submit the app on Microsoft Store.

Like native Win32 and UWP apps, you will be allowed to install an Android Apps from “Microsoft Store”. However, it will be still a question that how Microsoft’s Project Latte bypass Google Play services’ policies that states Google doesn’t official allow Play services to be installed on emulators and Android-based desktop Operating Systems.

Note that Microsoft’ s Project Latte won’t be certified by Google and Windows 10 is unlikely ship with Google Play services, out of box. On other hand, it is expected that Microsoft will announce “Project Latte” next year that could be ship with 2021 next release of Windows 10. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.