Microsoft SwiftKey App on Surface Duo: Allow Typing in Dual-Screen Mode

According to report, “Microsoft Surface Duo” gets upgrade as “SwiftKey” support means Surface Duo can now use their both thumb for typing in dual-screen mode. Microsoft Company has already announced for “SwiftKey” supports on Surface Duo device and explained that this feature will work only when spanning an app too.

For those who are not aware, “SwiftKey” App is Virtual Keyboard App was first relapsed for Android in 2010 and in 2016, it was purchased by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft SwiftKey supports on Surface Duo designed specifically to cater to Surface Duo’s unique dual-screen form factor.

“Microsoft SwiftKey” has recently crossed 500 million installations on Google Play Store while Google’s Gboard app is installed on more than 1 billion Android Smartphones. Almost all the Android phones come with Gboard keyboard support, but “Microsoft SwiftKey” is designed some other purposes like this app can be used on Surface Duo to type/write from both screen of device using both hand and thumb.

SwiftKey keyboard can split across both of the device’s screens means you can enjoy the typing/writing on Surface Duo based on Dual-Screen, from both end. This is the small change in Surface Duo that comes with latest upgrade.

Microsoft SwiftKey app on Surface Duo

“Microsoft SwiftKey” allow you to type/write from both screens when app is already spanned. With this feature, you can use both hands/thumbs to type/write on Surface Duo-based on Dual-Screen option.

You can download and install Microsoft SwiftKey on Surface Duo and/or other Android Smartphone you have, from Google Play Store App, and enjoy Thumb Mode on your Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.