Make Telegram Group Voice Call on Android and iOS [Easy Steps]

Telegram” – Cross Platform Instant Messaging, video calling and VoIP service is available in English, Spanish and more language. You can use this service on all your devices at the same time. Your messages ‘Sync’ seamlessly across any number of phones, tablets or computers.

One of the biggest additions to Telegram is ‘Added support for video calls’ – feature recently added. Before this feature, Telegram Messaging App supported only voice calls. Since, its biggest competitor ‘WhatsApp’ – popular instant Messaging App has already ‘Video call’ features which was added long time back.

Support for video call/group video call/video conferencing is the core reason why some popular apps like WhatsApp, Google Meet and Zoom – video conferencing App have recently seen high engagement percentages more than ever. Now, Telegram – Instant Messaging App have also ‘video call’ feature that is focused on face-to-face communication.

Telegram Alpha version is available with support of video call for both Android and iOS both. It means you can start a video call from your contact’s profile page. But currently, there is no option to make group video calls on Telegram.

Make Telegram Group Voice Call on Android

At this moment, you can make one-on-one video calls. The company explained that the group calling feature will be rolled out in the coming months along with several more features.

Moreover, Telegram Company has released Telegram Beta version 7.3.0 with new experimental feature for group voice calling. ‘Group Voice calling’ is useful feature for communicating or contacting with group of peoples, friends, family or colleagues in an instant. This feature is now available on Android and iOS device.

How to Make Telegram Group Voice Call on Android?

Step 1: At first, you need to download beta version of Telegram in your Android device

Step 2: Open Telegram App, Create a group and tap on the group header to expand it.

Step 3: Tap on vertical three dots icon preset in the top-right corner and select “Start Voice Chat”

Step 4: You will be asked to confirmation the selection. There is also a checkbox the lets just admin talk to ensure that group members who are not admin will be on listen-only mode. Finally, tap on “Start” button on Voice Chat prompt

Step 5: By default, you will be put on mute. Before speaking, don’t forget to tap ‘Unmute’ button and hold ‘Mic’ button to speak. The Mic will remain green and indicate which members are speaking or listening.

Similarly, if you want to use Telegram’s group voice calling feature on your iOS device, then you can follow the same steps mentioned above but you will have to download the Telegram Beta version for iOS.

When we talk about other Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp which has already Group Voice Calling feature, there was no lag in test calls you made. However, you will have to admit that process to start group call on Telegram is a bit cumbersome currently.

It is expected that Telegram will release its stable version with improved Group Voice calling feature and more advanced features. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.