Lab-Created Chicken ‘Cultured Chicken’ To Go On Sale in Singapore

According to report, with the approval of artificial Lab-created chicken, “Eat Just Inc” Company in Singapore become first to allow the sale of cultured meat. This company has just started working with local manufacturer the Food Innovation and Resource Centre to make cultured chicken. The company is also buying more equipment to expand sales to the restaurants and eventually grocery stores.

For those who are not aware, “Cultured Chicken” is made by taking clusters of stem cells from the fat or meaty muscle of a real chicken and putting them in a catalyst that will support its growth. Josh Tetrick – CEO of Eat Just Inc. Company stated that “Cultured Chicken” or creating such a chicken is similar to brewing beer.

The company also explained that “Cultured Chicken” is creating/created by the company’s Lab will be rich in protein content and has a diversified “Amino Acid” composition. The company also claims that this “Cultured Chicken” will be completely different in terms of looks, feels and tastes.

“Eat Just Inc.” is currently consuming and creating such substitutes for animal proteins that could resolve a lot of problems in real world like health problems, hunting and poaching of animals and deforestation. Let’s take have a look at CEO of Company, “Josh Tetrick” statement.

“We think that [the way] to really solve the meat problem — which is a health problem, a deforestation problem, a morality problem — is to make animal protein,”

The product created from animal cells without slaughter of any chickens, will be dubbed under “GOOD Meat Brand” in Singapore as “Chicken Bite” with breading and seasoning in just one restaurant. However, the company also stated that it will expand its manufacturing capacity and will be selling its “Cultured Chicken” or “Lab-created chicken” directly to customers in future. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.