Kdenlive 20.12 Video Editor Released with New Subtitling Tool

According to report, Kdenlive Developers behind Kdenlive – the free and open-source video editor have released a new version dubbed as Kdenlive 20.12 which has several new impressive features as well as usual bug fixes. The developers have already started to roll out this new updated version and explained that 20.12 have several new features which is already added in advanced list of tools.

Kdenlive 20.12 as stable version of its open-source free video editor is designed with reducing crashes and annoying bugs, adding several additional features including new subtitling tool, options to export and import subtitles, addition of Pillar echo effect and more. Let’s take have a look at major additions and changes in new stable version of Kdenlive.

List of some major additions and changes in Kdenlive 20.12 – stable version:

  • Improved effects layout
  • Addition of Pillar echo effect
  • New VR 360 and 3D effects
  • New subtitling tool
  • Options to export and import subtitles
  • Same track transition feature
  • Timeline Performance Optimization

These are some additional features and changes to Kdenlive 20.12 in which ‘Same Track Transition’ can be activated by pressing ‘u’ or using the icon in the toolbar, while “Subtitling Tool” will help you to create or edit the subtitles in Kdenlive video editor App. This tool will allow you to add or edit the subtitles directly from timeline or by using a new subtitle widget.

You are also allowed to import and export subtitles and use HTML tags to add style to subtitles as well. Additionally, Kdenlive 20.12 – Open source Video editor added more heading to the layout of effects category, and about 12 video effects have been moved to deprecated category due to buggy behaviors. It is expected that these bugs will be removed in next release.

Kdenlive 20.12 offers set of new VR 360 and 3D effects which can be accessed from VR360 and 3D category, while its new Pillar echo effect allows to make vertical videos. On other hand, developers also introduced new ‘Video Equalizer’ effect under “Colour and Image Correction” offers you can adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation and various gamma configurations.

With Timeline Performance Optimizations feature, Kdenlive 20.12 timeline has become superior and has received a performance boost. Its User interface (UI) is a lot smoother and faster which is major change as performance improvement in Kdenlive.

You are also allowed to delete multiple tracks simultaneously with a new pop-up menu which can be accessed by right-clicking on the track and selecting the delete option. For more details about features & improvements in Kdenlive 20.12, you can visit Kdenlive Official site. On the same page, click on “Download” tab and look for download button for Kdenlive 20.12 based on your device like Windows or Linux. This way, you can get this new stable version in your device. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.