Instagram Disable ‘Recent’ Hashtag Tab to Reduce Election Misinformation

Instagram has recently announced that they are removing “Recent” tab from “Hashtag pages” to prevent the spread of misinformation especially during U.S Presidential Election 2020. The company explained that this feature will be temporarily down and only of the people in U.S to reduce real-time spread of “Potentially harmful contents” that could popup around the US election.

Note that this change would only be applicable for Instagram’ users belongs to US, means rest of Instagram’ users will continue to see “Recent” tab feature when they searching for a hashtag. On other hand, U.S users will only see the “Top” posts for any hashtag. There will no option to browse for recent posts. Let’s take have a look at company’s announcements about change on its official support page.

“Recent posts from all hashtags may be temporarily hidden to help prevent the spread of possible false information and harmful content related to the 2020 US election. Instagram is committed to reducing the spread of false information and giving people accurate information about voting”

The popular social media platform including Instagram and Facebook both have taken steps to remove “Recent” tab from “Hastag pages”, to prevent the spread of harmful information across the platform during US election 2020.

The company stated that they have removed about 120,000 posts across both Instagram and Facebook that violated its “Voter Interference Policies” while about 150 million posts are currently under “Fact-checkers” and 2.2 million posts or ad submission are rejected that are involved in fraud election campaigns.

Furthermore, Instagram is also planning to ban ads on their platform that wrongly claim the victory in upcoming elections. The company has also explained “Recent tab from Hashtag pages” feature will be restored back to its original use after US election 2020 results are announced.