How to update Nvidia display driver

Nvidia display driver provides the best possible gaming experience for you. However, you should keep it updated so as to ensure that performance tweaks and bug fixes. You will find step-by-step guide on for rapidly update the driver for your Nvidia Graphics card.

Nvidia is an American multinational technology company that designs GPUs for gaming and professional markets as well as systems on chip units or SoCs for mobile computing and automotive market. Its GeForce has the direct competition with Advanced Micro Devices, Radeon products.

The list of GPUs and video cards from Nvidia, based on official specifications, includes Desktop GPUs (Pre-GeForce, GeForce 256 series, GeForce2 series, GeForce3 series, GeForce4 series, GeForce FX (5xxx) series, and GeForce 6 (6xxx) series), Mobile GPUs (GeForce Go 6 (Go 6xxx) series, GeForce Go 7 (Go 7xxx) series, GeForce 8M (8xxxM) series, GeForce 200M (2xxM) series), Workstation GPUs (Quadro FX series, Quadro FX (x300) series, Quadro FX (x400) series, Quadro FX (x500) series and Quadro FX (x600) series), Mobile Workstation GPUs, Tegra GPU, Data Center GPUs, and Console GPUs.

If you are using NVIDIA graphics card, you likely have an NVIDIA display driver. You should keep this driver up-to-date regularly so as to avoid conflicts. Driver update is the way you can resolve all driver related issues with the device and improve the PC performance.

Problems encountered when you have Nvidia graphic cards

  • Nvidia Geforce is encountering startup issue,
  • Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems,
  • This device cannot start,
  • The device cannot find free enough resources that it can use,
  • The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers

The only solution for all such issues is the download the latest nvidia graphic drivers on your system. Nvidia releases new drivers all the time to fix driver bugs and problems, adds new video features, improves the performance of existing video card and ensures the product works even after Windows update.

Nvidia display driver update

To find the latest and correct nvidia display driver for your video cards, you need to know  Windows® OS, computer brand and model, and nVidia model variant and type (e.g., GeForce MX, GeForce FX, GeForce PCX, GeForce Go, Quadro etc). However, using the steps below, you will be given an automatic option to let the Nvidia decides the best display driver for your device.

Steps to update Nvidia Graphics card through the NVIDIA Control Panel:
  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Right click on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel

  • You are seeing a new window on the screen. Click on the home button and on Download drivers and software

  • This will opens a webpage – :
  • Choose the option – 1 for manually and 2 for Automatically find the drivers for your Nvidia products
  • Click on the Graphic drivers

  • NVIDIA Smart Scan is launched then and soon you are asked to accept the installation of wsdetect.dll add-on during the process. When the scanning is completed, the latest available driver will be available.