How to stop my emails being marked as spam

Tell me, why this happens that every time when I send email from my email address through Gmail to my contacts, a large number of it are arriving at the recipients’ spam section. My friend just told me about this. Suggest me the reasons why my emails go in the recipient’s spam sections? How to stop my emails being marked as spam?

You may come here in this page with such questions in mind. Well, in this guide we will try to explain the reasons why any emails are marked as spam and what to do to make sure that they don’t. Let’s begin with knowing why emails are marked as spam.

Why emails are marked as spam?

There is a act – the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, signed by President George W. Bush that establish the US’s first national standards for emails – enforceable by the Federal trade Commission.


CAN-SPAM law stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003. It aims to protect consumers from unsolicited emails. The Law from the FTC states:

False and misleading header information is not allowed – “From”, “To”, “Reply To” and routing information like originating domain name and email address should be accurate. Also, the person or business who initiates the business should be identifiable.

Avoid deceptive subject lines – The Subject lines should reflect the content of the message.

Identity the message as an ad – the laws clearly states that you should disclose clearly and conspicuously that your message is an advertisement.

Tells users about the location – Your message should include valid postal address. You can use current street address, registered post office box or registered mailbox with a commercial mail receiving agency established under Postal Service regulations.

Clear how to opt out from receiving further emails – You should include in your message how recipients can opt out of getting emails from you in future.

Honors opt-out requests promptly – You should offer the opt-out mechanism offer for at least 30 days after you send your email. Also, you have to honor the recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business day. You can’t take charge for this.

Monitor what others are doing on your behalf– The law makers make it clear that if you hire another company to handle your email marketing, you cannot contract away your legal responsibility to comply with the law.

In violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, there would be penalties of up to $42, 530. So, before you send a single email, you must make ensure that you stay compliant with all laws. Ok, now move on to the main topic for which we are gathering here, that is, how to stop any emails being marked as spam.

Tips how to stop my emails being marked as spam

Here, we are listing out some important tips that you should keep in mind if you do not want your email gets marked as spam.

Don’t buy subscribers

If you are buying email lists and send content to the people who never signed up to receive them, there will be t he chance that yours will be in the heading of spam emails. Further, here you will put yourself on the risk of violating the CAN-SPAM Act, enforced by Federal Trade Commission.

Just imagine, a man who is working in an office receives 121 emails each day. Do you think that this person will waste his time in checking all these unwanted messages? Instead of this, you should focus on how to grow your email list by getting new subscribers, including signup forms on your website.

Limit your sending frequency

As a business owner, you must think of your brand all the day. We all relate this. But, not the consumers are always thinking about the same as you are, don’t you agree?

So, distributing emails on daily basis will not help you in real way. Somewhat you need is to send selective messages. Customers report says, sending emails too often is the most annoying action from any marketers. So, we recommend you limit the messages to once a week at most.

You can change sending frequency if the subscribers prefer it. For this, when you receive any subscription, ask for the customer how often he/ she want to hear from you. Giving what exactly the customers need reduce the chance of your emails being marked as spam.

Use a clear labeled “form”

 You should create solid reputation for the senders’ fields. This way, you will gain users’ trust. Hence, the chances that the subscribers add the address to their contacts lists will also increase. They might think your emails as spam they receive the emails from same sender address and one day it comes from different one. So, sticking to the one will be the best for you.

Try not to trick the people

In an attempt increase email opening rates, some people use sneaky mean and trick people into clicking their email messages. This is something you should avoid. Tricking subscribers will have negative impact on your brand. You will ultimately receive your emails as spam and also lose your subscription.

So, do not start the Subject line with “Fwd:” or “Re:” as this is an indication that you’d previously communicated with the subscriber. Also, do not send people about the prize claims, if they will have to get nothing from that in real. Just remember one thing before using such tricks that you can bypass the spam filters, but the people that really there to receive your email are not fool. They can still send your email to the spam folder.

Choose the appropriate service provider

There are thousands of marketing automation and email marketing companies available. Some of them might be bound to spammy, or with dubious histories. So, you should not go with the promises with blind eyes. Choose the ones that have a positive track record.

Set clear expectations

What so be the expectations about the content that you plan to send, you should mention it in a short introductory email and send it first before the users. You should clarify about the content, frequent and design. So, just tell your audiences what exactly your future emails will deliver, make sure how many emails they can expect from you, and show a preview of your newsletters campaign.

Stay relevant

Focus on your content of your email. Before sending to the audiences, ask from you, whether this email will add value to the subscriber. In case, you get no clear answer, then re-evaluate the message first. Just remember the thing that your subscribers do not care about where your company exits or not, so it would be completely worthless if you just say hello or provide a friendly reminder.

Your content should be the relevant one. For example, if you are an e-commerce website selling home furniture, tell the subscribers about something that show interacting to these products and not about weather or other things that have to do nothing with your brand. Get it! You should have to be stay on your brand.

Segment your list

Demographic variables or web traffic source is there for you to group audiences. You should choose that dimension for your segmentation that reflects a defined set of users’ characteristics.

Master your subject lines

You should keep your subject line as short as possible. As per researchers, subject lines with 1 to 20 characteristics yields high chance of being clicked, regardless of the type of the email that is sent. This could be due to the fact that over 55% of email messages are opened on mobile devices. So, if you put a long subject line, it will be automatically cut off when viewed on cell phone.

70% and plus emails get flagged as spam just because of their subject line. So, we recommend you personalize the subject lines. Personal subject will increase the open rates and click- through rates. Also, this will increase website traffic and drive sales.

You can tell a story, provide breaking news, or stimulate curiosity and other ones that show the sense of urgency. These are all great types of subject lines that will entice users to open the emails that they receive instead of reporting them as spam

Check spam risk before sending

You can use email software available for marketers especially for checking for spam. It scans your message and determines how likely it is to get send to the spam folder.

To stop emails being marked as spam, you should make sure that that you limit the promotional words such as the ones that are marked as suspicious or spam by email clients.

Such words in finance space are:

  • $$$
  • Cost
  • Credit
  • Credit bureaus
  • Earn
  • Best price
  • Big bucks
  • Cash
  • Compare rates
  • Easy terms
  • Affordable
  • Bargain
  • Beneficiary
  • Discount
  • Free

And here are some examples from the e-commerce space:

  • As seen on
  • Buy
  • Buying judgments
  • Clearance
  • Order
  • Buy direct
  • Orders shipped by
  • Order status
  • Shopper

You can use such words sparingly, but try not to include these words in messages. Also, avoid special characters and writing in all capital letters. Make sure that the size of your email is not big.

Further, the email should be balance with text and images and not with one side up. Also, do not include too many colors or text written in colors which are difficult to read.


Here is all about How to stop my emails being marked as spam. The time has totally chanced. If you want higher conversions for your business, you must follow the said tips so as to avoid your emails being marked as spam. You should always take care about the customers’ interest before your brand.