How to stop getting emails from a website

It is not surprising when you logged into a website only to find out they’re now sending unwanted emails to your Gmail section.  It is also a normal happening for regular users like you, that they register an account to a website and end up more junk emails from that site. This page is purely a dedication for such users. It tells you about how to stop getting emails from a website.

If you are getting an email that you do not want to see in the Gmail inbox, you can go with the option unsubscribe for the sender:

  • Go to Gmail,
  • Open an email that you want to unsubscribe,
  • Click the “unsubscribe” or “change preferences” option provided next to the sender’s name.

However, sometimes, people do not find the unsubscribe button. There are two type of emails that can be delivered without an unsubscribe link. First one is the one that is delivery by a known company. The second is a part of spam messages that we will discuss later on this page.

When you get subscription of a company’s emails, you will start receiving its emails. This is because you grant your permission to oblige them to include an unsubscribe link into every email. In such a case, when you click on the unsubscribe button, sometimes might go wrong. In such a case, you should react this way this case:

  • Reply to the sender and ask them to remove you from the list,
  • Block the sender,
  • Filter all the messages from the company and delete them from the Inbox.

You will find ESPs a provision for filtering emails. In Gmail, go to the settings and choose “Filters and Blocked Addresses.” Thereafter, click on Create a new Filter option. You will see the following form.

Enter email address and choose “Delete it for the action” option. You will see all the emails and these emails will be automatically deleted.


Spam is the second type of emails. They do not provide an option for unsubscribe. In such a case, you are not the one who provided some kind of permission that allows the scammers to these messages. This is the basic difference between scammers and companies. You can block the sender through the message settings and through the way you can stop getting emails.

In Gmail, when you are reading an email, you can see three vertical dots. Clicking this will open a window, with many options, including the Block.

On clicking the block button, you will see the pop-up window asking for your confirmation. Grant your permission to make the changes to happen.

This is how you can stop getting emails from a website. Next to you follow these steps, the message from the website won’t show in your inbox.  The blocking is permanent. However, you can unblock the address at any time, when you want.