How to Schedule Emails in Apple Mail on Mac with Automator App

Schedule Emails in Apple Mail With Automator App and Calendar App

Apple Mail” also known as “Mail” is “Email Client” included by Apple Company. This email client is included in all versions of MacOS, iOS and WatchOS. The current version of “Apple Email” uses SMTP for message sending, exchange and IMAP for message retrieval and S/MIME for End-To-End Encryption (E2EE).

“Apple Mail” features include the ability to append signatures to outgoing emails automatically, ability of file emails into folders, and ability to configure the software to receive all the users’ email accounts in the single list. “Apple Mail” is integrates with Maps, Calendar, Contact lists, Automator and other apps.

However, there is lack many pro features including “Scheduling” feature in “Apple Mail”. “Scheduling Emails” feature like on other mail services allow you to set the email message to send compose at specific date and time. There is workaround to schedule emails in Apple Mail App on Mac with Automator App and Calendar App.

How to Set up Emails on Mac with “Automator App”?

Step 1: Open “Automator App” in your Mac device

Step 2: Click on “New Document” and select “Application”

Step 3: In “Actions” option in left pane, select “Mail” under “Library” section

Step 4: After that, select “New Mail Message” and then drag it to the “Workflow Space” in right pane

Step 5: Now, you can write message in “New Mail Message box”, enter email address of recipient and subject/title of email.

Step 6: After that, choose an account if required.

Note: If you want to add more messages to schedule for the same time, you can repeat the same steps mentioned above.

Step 7: After writing messages in “New Mail Message Box”, select “Send Outgoing Messages” from the list and then drag it to the “WorkFlow” space under “New Mail Message Box”

Step 8: Finally, click on “File” menu and select “Save”. Choose the preferred destination and click on “Save”.

How to Schedule Emails in Apple Mail on Mac with “Calendar App”?

Step 1: Once you have created the application using steps mentioned above, now you can schedule emails in Apple Mail using Calendar App. To do so, open “Calendar App” on your Mac device

Step 2: In the opened “Calendar App”, navigate to the “Date” when you want to send the composed email

Step 3: Create an “Event” on the “Date” and choose “Preferred Time” according to your needs. You can also add “Invites”, “URLs”, “Notes” and even “Attachments”

Step 4: After that, click on the “Time” and choose “Custom” under “Alert” drop-down

Step 5: In the drop-down box, select “Open File” and choose the application you have created using “Above Method: How to Set up Emails on Mac with Automator App”.

Step 6: Click on “Other” and then head over the location where the file has been saved and then select the “application”

Step 7: Select “At Time of Event” for alert timing and click on “Ok” to finish. This scheduled email will be sent automatically to selected recipients at the given date and time.

Best Apple Mail alternatives for Mac

If you don’t want to go with “Apple Mail”, then you can use third-party “Email Clients” for Mac, as fast and effacement email client with several helpful features like “Email Scheduling”, batch archiving and pinning.

You can try “Spark Mail” for free as alternative of “Apple Mail” for Mac while “Newton mail for $49.99/year” can also be best alternative with rich features.


“Apple Mail”- Email Client for Mac has lack of “Scheduling” feature, but you can schedule emails in Apple Mail with Automator and Calendar app on Mac using methods/steps mentioned above. If this post really helped you, you can share this post with others to help them.