How to Fix External Hard Drive making clicking noise

Are you experiencing External Hard Drive making clicking noise issue in the middle of your work on PC/Laptop? Have you heard “Click, Click, Click” sound coming from your external hard drive? If yes, then it is sure that something went wrong with your PC/laptop or your hard drive. Waiting too long to troubleshoot the problem can lead to computer crash and even complete data loss. So if you are facing the same and looking for easy steps to fix, then you can read & follow our instructions to fix this problem.

What is External Hard Drive making clicking noise Issue?

Hard Drive making clicking noise issue may result from minor connection issues or serious hard drive damages. The situation of a hard drives making a clicking noise is always frustrating and annoying. This issue is usually when movement of disk heads on the disk to track data on hard drive becomes irregular, the disk controller will attempt to reset its position to back to the home position repeatedly. Due to this, hard drive clicking noise issue can occurs. Numerous users reported about this issue as “Click of Death”.

Clicking sounds issue is usually occur with older hard drives whether it is external or internal hard drive, but when the same issue occurs with new hard drive (External or Internal), then there could be different causes. Hard drives making clicking noise issue indicates that the storage device either has physical damage issue/hardware issue or software/driver issues while sometimes, this error occurs due to mechanical fault of the hard drive.

In case if your external hard drive is making noise, then at first you should try to recover all data stored in problematic hard drive and then you can go for further steps to fix. The logical reason behind this issue is that either System drivers are problematic or System has some problematic hardware device. However, physical damages of your external hard drive can be difficult for you to resolve it.

In this case, you need to hard drive manufacturer’s service center for repair if repair is possible. But if this issue is caused by some problems in your laptop/PC, then it can easily be resolved with our solutions below.

Reasons behind External Hard Drive making clicking noise:

  • External hard drive may be failed due to problematic data cables which you use to connect hard drive to PC/Laptop
  • Missing, corrupted and/or incorrect External hard drive drivers cause several issues like clicking noise issue.
  • The insufficient power supply is very common cause of noise in the hard drive. This issue occurs when you have connected multiple devices including hard disk drive (HDD) to a single port.
  • Physical depreciation of external hard drive which results from either simple issues or damage like physical shock or trauma.
  • It might possible to get this issue when External hard drive has crashed.
  • Worn/misplaced disk head, damaged service area, damaged PCB and other hardware related issue can result in hard drive clicking noise issue.

Check if external hard drive is functioning properly or not:

  • Accessing your files takes a very long time
  • When you mount the drive, the computer asks for format the hard drive
  • Your hard drive is not recognized when inserted USB or external hard drive
  • Facing Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) and immediate restart
  • Your hard drive is silent making no noise whatsoever
  • Your hard drive is not recognized when you startup your PC/Laptop
  • Repetitive clicking noise coming from external hard drive

How to Fix External Hard Drive making clicking noise issue?

Method 1: Recover your data from clicking hard drive

You should create backup or keep backup of your all personal data stored in clicking external hard drive on some safe storage device. In case if your external hard drive is still detectable, then you must back up your files right now before applying further steps to fix this issue.

Creating backup of your files or data can be very easy if you have strong data backup & recovery software. You can use this software to keep backup of your personal files or data on some safe storage device like CD/DVD/ USB storage drives or on internal hard drive. Once you backing up your data, you can go for steps/methods below to fix external hard drive clicking noise issue.

Method 2: Check your external hard drive connection

Some users reported that clicking external hard drive issue can be fixed by connecting the hard drive directly into the USB port of PC/Laptop instead of using USB Hub. As compared to USB Hub, USB port provides more sufficient and stable power supply. Insufficient power supply can cause clicking hard drive issue as discussed above. So, you can change the USB port to connect external hard drive to fix. You can try other troubleshooting tips to fix this problem.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to USB port on back of your computer instead of front ones

Step 2: Connect your external hard drive to another computer and check if it is working. If yes, then something went wrong with your computer.

Step 3: Use the original USB cable to connect your external hard drive to your PC/Laptop

Step 4: Take your hard drive out of Disk enclosure and connect it to the computer directly

Method 3: Freeze your external hard drive

In the middle of work on your computer, suddenly when you are experiencing clicking external hard drive issue, then overheat and trapped components could be reason for that. So, you can freeze your hard drive and/or shrink components inside to free up the stuck or trapped ones. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To freeze your external hard drive, don’t follow the step like to put your hard drive into the freezer barely. You can use Ziplock bag or something similar to seal out the moisture on hard drive

Step 2: Keeps your external hard drive in the freezer for 1-2 hours for cooling

Step 3: Once the hard drive works again, you can use “Method 1’ to recover data from clicking external hard drive immediately

Step 4: If the problem is not resolved, then re-freeze external hard drive until you keep all your files safe.

Method 4: Contact the specialist for external hard drive repair

 If the above methods/steps are unable to fix External Hard Drive making clicking noise issue, then it might possible that clicking external hard drive has hardware issues. In this case, you need to establish the contact with specialists in this field to fix clicking external hard drive issue and recover data from it. You can contact your hard drive manufacturer via their official websites or send your hard drive to computer repair center.


I hope this post helped you to fix External Hard Drive making clicking noise issue with easy methods. As discussed above, this issue occurs due to incorrect external hard drive drivers installed, insufficient power supply, loosely connected or problematic data cables and several other reasons. But it is possible to fix with our solution mentioned above. If this post really helped you, then you can share it with others to help them. If you have any suggestions, please write on comment box below.