How to Disable Switch AirPods Between Devices [Mac/iOS]

Automatic Switch AirPods between Devices” – the new feature enables the ‘AirPods’ to establish the connection to the devices which are playing audio. This feature has already been introduced by Apple Company with the release of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur – the latest operating System for iOS and Mac platform.

Automatic switch AirPods between iPhone and/or Mac device while you are listening music on your Mac/ or iPhone. AirPods can also switch to iPhone while you are on call because “AirPods” detects Audio coming from your iPhone, it automatically switches to iPhone.

Other case, if you are engaged on your iPhone and listening a music using your AirPods, and suddenly when your iPhone generates some sound/ music like phone’s ringtone, then your AirPods will automatically be switched between devices.

Many users have already reported about this problem and explained that “Switch AirPods Between Devices” problem occurs multiple times where the AirPods would connect to their Mac device without knowledge, and upon receiving a call on their iPhone, they would unable to answer through AirPods.

If you are facing the same problem where your AirPods automatically switching between devices, then you can follow the instructions below to fix. You can fix it by disabling this new feature.

How to disable Switch AirPods automatically in iOS 14?

Step 1: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled and AirPods are connect to your iOS device

Step 2: Now, open “Settings” App in your iPhone

Step 3: Go to “Bluetooth” and tap on name of your AirPods

Step 4: Tap “Connect to This iPhone” and choose “When Last Connected to This iPhone”. This way, AirPods will connect automatically or try to connect to the last device they were connected to.

How to disable Switch AirPods Automatically in macOS Big Sur?

Step 1: Make sure ‘Bluetooth’ is enabled and AirPods are connected to macOS Big Sur device

Step 2: Now, tap on “Bluetooth” icon in menu bar

Step 3: Tap on “Bluetooth Preferences” at the bottom

Step 4: Tap on “Options” next to the name of AirPods in the list

Step 5: Under “Connect to This Mac” dropdown, select “When last connected to This Mac” and hit “Done”. This way, ‘Switch AirPods Between Devices’ feature will be stopped on your Mac.

In case if ‘AirPods’ has connected to your Mac/iOS devices without your knowledge, then you can choose back button on “Moved to” option at top. This way, AirPods will establish the connection again. That’s all, for any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.