How to Create Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video” has already introduced “Amazon Watch Party” feature for users in US and now, has started to rollout this feature to Indian users. With “Watch Party” feature, “Amazon Prime Video” offers multiple users can stream their favorite shows from their homes and watch the shows in “Sync”.

Since, “Amazon Watch Party” feature only works on computer or web browsers and not on the Android/iOS or any mobile app as of now. However, all users need in their separate “Amazon Prime Accounts” and PC or laptop. All Amazon prime video users with separate accounts are allowed to watch a show or movie together by creating and sharing a link with their friends. At this moment, Amazon offers up to 100 members in “Watch Party” session.

Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party offers “Chat” features that allow the members of the Watch Party to chat with each other in the sidebar while watching their favorite shows, and also allows synchronized playback of content.

Amazon Prime user who created Watch Party is eligible to control video like pause, play, rewind, and fast-forwarding while each participant controls his or her audio and subtitle settings. Let’s go for steps to create Watch Party.

How to Create Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video?

Step 1: Open supported web browser on your PC/laptop

Step 2: Visit “Amazon Prime Video Official site” and log in

Step 3: Now, choose the movie or TV show you want to watch with your friends or family

Step 4: On the “Movie/TV” landing page, click on “Watch Party” button at the top-right will play the next episode in line

Step 5: To watch any specific episode with your friends or family, scroll down to the “Episode List” and click on “Watch Party”

Step 6: Now, “Amazon Prime Video” will ask you to enter the name you want to use while chatting. Enter your name and click on “Create Watch Party” button.

Step 7: “Amazon Prime Video Watch Party” created. Now, you can copy the link from right pane and share it with your friends. Note that you can share this link up to 100 users to join the Watch Party and all they need to have individual Prime Membership.

Step 8: In right pane, you can see the “settings” and Chat View that offers you to see the list of all joined or left members in Watch Party.

How to End Amazon Prime Video Watch Party?

Step 1: In the right pane under “Setting” tab, click on “End Watch Party” button under “Watch Party” details section

Step 2: This will ask you to confirm whether you want to end the watch party. To confirm, click “Yes” button.

This way, you can easily create Amazon Prime Video Watch Party to watch specific movie/TV shows with your friends or family. If you are host who create this watch party, you will be able to control the streaming videos, and can end the session at any time. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.