How to change background on Instagram story

One of the most popular features of Instagram is “Stories”. When Instagram added this feature, a sudden increase in user’s engagements was noticed and it is continuing till now. The company has gained a lot of users through this exciting feature and they are continuously adding new things to make this feature more interesting. It provides an easy way for its users to share their day-to-day happenings and updates with their followers. An Instagram stories is there for 24 hours and then it automatically disappears when the time period gets completed. There is no pressure of getting likes or share and it always fun to try different styles on Instagram stories. You can change the background color, pictures of Instagram stories and show your dynamic creativity to your followers. If you don’t know how to change background on Instagram story then you are at the right place to get the details.

The easiest way to change the Instagram story background is to alter the background color. When you write any quotes or add any picture on Instagram story through “Add This to your Story” option, it automatically picks up a random color from the picture. It could be a single color or even a two shade gradients. At times, this automatic color pick may not be of your liking. Thankfully, you can personalize your stories by changing the background color and this is super easy.

How to change background on Instagram story (Changing the background color)

Let test this out with a new story. Open Instagram and click on “+” icon in Your Story option. You can select any picture from the photo gallery to appear it on story. Once the Instagram story appears, select scribble icon at the top left side of the screen. There is a list of marker tool and you can choose one of them according to your likings. There is several brush option which can be used to create various shades of background pick.

At the bottom, you would notice a list of new colors to choose the background. You can choose any of the color by tapping the finger and hold it for few seconds. Now the magic appears that is background color change on your instagram story.

Dropper Tool

This tool can be used to get the additional sets of color options if you don’t like the default color options. It allows you to change the color of the background using the color of image that is to be shared. In order to use dropper tool, you have to tap on the dropper icon in the lower left corner of the screen then select any color you like. In order to see the change in background color, hold the long press on the screen.

Change background of Instagram stories while using “The Create Screen”

Using create tool, you type something on the screen. After typing, tap on Aa button at the bottom of the screen. A menu appears on the screen to tap on scribble tool. You can select the new background color with the marker. In order to see the change, you have to long press.

Changing the background color while uploading the picture from camera roll

It is a bit tricky to upload a picture from camera roll in your stories and change it color. When you long press on the screen after uploading, the picture disappears and a plain color is displayed instead. However, if you use the eraser tool and rub it over the solid color, the image will uncovered.

How to use this feature (Steps)

Open the stories and swipe up to add picture form the camera roll. Once the image gets uploaded, long press on the color you want to use. Next is to tap on the eraser tool present in the toolbar option. Just paint the eraser on the screen and picture underneath will get revealed.

How to add color overlay over picture

Once the image is on the screen, use the second marker tool and long press on it. This feature is very helpful to write a watermarked text on an image where the text is not fully visible.

All the above mentioned steps are confirmed and are a clear answer on how to change background on instagram stories. It will be very interesting to change the background color especially if the post image is not colorful. It will be more appealing and will bring more engagement.

On the other hand, if you are reposting a story, it is advised to change the background color so that it becomes easier for the people to understand that the post has been reposted.