How to block someone from emailing you?

Over 14.5 billions of spam emails are set every single day. So, you might get wonder how you can block such email addresses in Gmail or other service providers. Well, with this article, we assist you how to block someone from email you. So, let’s begin without wasting much of your time.

Blocking a particular email address of email service providers such as Gmail means that you cut someone out of your life. By then, you will no longer receive messages from that account on your Inbox. So, if you are sure you want somebody not to email you, follow our guides provided below.

Guides how to block someone from emailing you

  • Open the sender’s email (of whom you want to block),

  • You will find a little arrow button next to reply button, click on it

  • A drop down menu will appear with different options, select “Block (Sender’s name)” option,

  • You will be then asked for the confirmation if you want to block the sender’s email address and move all future emails form it to the spam folder through another pop-window. Give your assent by clicking on the Block button,

  • Then, you will see the confirmation message, saying that you’ve successfully blocked the sender.

This is the way how to block someone from emailing you. After this, you will not receive any message from this email address. However, if you mood get change and want to receive email from the same address anytime later, read the below paragraph.

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You can unblock this account anytime later on, if you want. For this, simply option the email you’ve received from it and click on the little arrow next to the reply button, scroll down on the drop-down menu appear and select “Unblock (sender’s name)” option. If even after this, you won’t receive the email from the sender, follow these steps:

  • Click on the settings gear icon,

  • Select Settings option,

  • Go to Filters and Blocked Addresses,

  • Select the email address you want to unblock

As the scammers can generate new email addresses to reach your Inbox, you should create rule to block an entire domain name in a single step.

Steps to block entire domain

  • Click on the triangle located on the search bar,

  • Type the email address (domain name) of the sender,

  • Click on “Create filter with this search” option located on the button right corner,
  • Then, click on the “Delete it” option that will automatically delete all the emails from the desired email address

  • Click Create Filter

As you know now how to block someone from emailing you, you are in better position deal with the case when you get frustrated with constant messages from a particular email on your Inbox. However, if the case is that you receive threats, intimidation tactics, or harassment through an email, we suggest you report these people to your local authorizes such as Police near you as these are just a violation of Gmail’s Program Policies.