How Do You Change The Time On a Fitbit [Easy Guide]

The time on your Fitbit device may be wrong after you travel to different Time Zone or when clocks change for Daylight Savings. So, you can sync your Fitbit device to see the correct time. Here, we will teach you on “How do you Change the time on a Fitbit” in details and providing easy steps to do so. Let’s starts discussion.

About Fitbit

Fitbit: Fitbit is American Company based on consumer electronics and fitness which produces activity trackers, smartwatches, and wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. Fitbit devices measures the data such as number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed and other personal metrics involved fitness.

In 2014, Fitbit started offering trackers along with a website and mobile apps for Windows 10 mobile, Android and iOS based device. It allows the trackers to snyc to devices like mobile devices via Bluetooth, or to a Bluetooth-equipped computer running Windows and/or MacOS.

Change the Time on Fitbit

One possible solution to change the time on your FitBit is to sync it up to your Smartphone. This process will help you to do this automatically. It automatically updates the time in order to sync your tracker with your mobile phone. So, we recommended you to keep All-Day sync on in options for your Fitbit.

For those who are not aware, “syncing” is the process that deliver the data your device collects to your Fitbit Dashboard. You can track your progress, set goals, log food and water, challenge friends and much more through Fitbit Dashboard. Note that your device syncs automatically when it is nearby in order to open Fitbit App.

If you noticed that your Fitbit device is constantly showing incorrect time, it might possible due to Daylight Savings or you have traveled to another Time Zone. However, it is quite simple to change the time on Fitbit fitness tracker. To do so, you can read & follow our steps below.

[Tips & Tricks] How do you Change the time on a Fitbit?

Daylight Savings times is dangerous for causing havoc with Fitbit fitness trackers as it forces them to record fitness activity for the same hour twice when the period begins and ends. If you rely on your Fitbit tracker as clock, then you can get it to update to daylight savings time. To do so, you need to snyc Fitbit device to your Smarphone or computer.

Procedure 1: Sync to change the Time on Fitbit device

One possible solution to getting the time “Correct time” is to syncing your Fitbit device again. It allows the Fitbit device to stay in loop with your Smartphone’s time in the background

Step 1: Make sure your Fitbit device is connected to iOS or Android device

Step 2: Turn on “All-Day Sync” in the “Settings” of “Fitbit” App

Procedure 2: Manually change the time

If the above procedure didn’t work, then follow this procedure to change the time on Fitbit manually.

Step 1: Open “Fitbit” app on your Android/iOS device

Step 2: Click on “Account” icon at top right corner. For computer users, click on “Settings” icon at top right corner

Step 3: Scroll down and select “Advance Settings”. Or if you are on computer, scroll down to “Settings” and click

Step 4: If “Set Automatically” is turned on, try toggling if Off and then ON again. Then Sync

Step 5: If this doesn’t work, then turn automatic time zone tracking OFF and choose a city in your Time Zone. On computer, scroll down to bottom of “Personal Info page” and modify your time zone.

Step 6: After that, force sync with your Fitbit fitness tracker at the top of main app dashboard and pulling down. On computer, click on “Fitbit Connect” icon and then click on “Sync Now”

Procedure 3:  Switch between 12-hour and 24-hour

Note: You can’t do this from Fitbit App so use Fitbit Dashboard official website

Step 1: Open browser and visit “ Dashboard”

Step 2: Click on “Gear icon > Settings > Personal Info”

Step 3: Locate “Clock Display Time” under “Advanced Settings” and select whether you want the time shown in 12-hour or 24-hour clock units

Step 4: Finally, click on “Submit” and sync your device


I hope this article helped you on “How do you Change the time on a Fitbit” with easy steps. You can read & follow our instructions mentioned above to do so. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this, please write on comment box given below.