Hitman 3 Cloud Version For Nintendo Switch Announced

As compared to powerful gaming console PS5 (PlayStation 5) and Xbox One X consoles, Nintendo Switch’s hardware is not quite powerful, and it is not necessary that all the games runs on this hardware with the same settings. This is where cloud gaming comes in handy.

According to report, Hitman Franchise has announced Hitman 3 cloud gaming for Nintendo Switch. This game is on-demand and already scheduled for release across both next generation and current generation Systems including PC via “Epic Games Store” and even “Google Stadia”. At the moment, there is no release date announced when Hitman 3 will be available to stream on Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned above, Hitman 3 cloud version of game will be release for Nintendo Switch and players will need high-speed internet connection to play it on Nintendo Switch hardware, according to developers. For those who are not aware, Hitman 3 won’t be the first game based on cloud to playable on Nintendo Switch, but it is interesting to see Nintendo Switch to adopt this technology further.

Hitman 3 cloud version game for Nintendo Switch’s trailer showed Agent 47 parachuting out of plane, only to land on skyscraper, before offering someone with thrown shovel. On other hand, on the “official website of Nintendo”, developer mentioned some information about Hitman 3 cloud version that

“You can only download a free launcher application to test the game for limited amount of time. This game uses cloud streaming technology and require a persistent high-speed internet connection to play the game.”

“After having tested the game for at least 5 minutes, to access the game you must purchase Access Pass”. At the moment, we have to wait for Hitman 3 for Nintendo Switch based on cloud game release. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.