Gridserve Opens UK First EV-Only Service Station

According to report, “Gridserve” – UK based company has developed “UK First EV-Only Service Station” that can charge around 36 Electric Vehicles (EV) simultaneously, and delivering a peak power output of whopping 350KW. The main purpose of this company behind this development is to help existing owners of EV (Electric Vehicles) charge their automobiles, and to encourage people to get more EVs.

Gridserve” Company has implemented an array of “Solar Panels” at top of roof of the service station which generate around 10gW (Giga Watt) of power with one of the roof. For those who are not aware, 10gW of solar energy can power around 5,000 EVs for a year. On other hand, the whole service station is capable of storing up to 6,000KW of power that can charge EVs to go up to 24,000 miles or 39,000KM.

According to CEO of Gridserve, “Toddington Harper”, to generate the required power to charge up the EVs (Electric Vehicles), the company has invested in lot of advanced technologies, and service station is packed with many more panels. However, he also mentioned that the company is also planning to open hundreds of more such EVs Service Station around the country in future.

Moreover, Gridserve CEO also mentioned that the “Solar Panels” above the chargers and a network of hybrid solar firms generates huge electricity, while there is also 6 MegaWatt/hour batteries on the site that could help the firm to balance the local grid and store power for use at peak times.

The company also stated that the charging price will be 24 pence ($0.29) per KW/hour of energy which is the lowest ultra-high-power charging rates on the market, while for an average-size EVs (Electric Vehicles), the charge can be vary from 20% to 80% costs less than 10 Pounds ($13). That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.