Google Stadia Web Version Released for iOS Devices

According to report, Google Company has recently released “Google Stadia” for iOS devices means iOS devices including iPhone and iPad users can now use “Google Stadia” – cloud game streaming service on their devices. Since, Apple Company doesn’t allow the apps like Stadia to be on App Store. Due to this reason, “Google Stadia” is not available on “Apple App Store”.

But you can enjoy “Google Stadia” – cloud game streaming service on iPhone/iPad via your mobile browser itself, if you have a “Google Stadia” subscription. For those who are not aware, Apple Company doesn’t allow ‘Game Streaming Apps’ on ‘App Store’ and the company wants to list each game separately on ‘App Store’. Similarly, “Google Stadia” is also not available on App Store due Apple App store regulation.

However, you can play “Google Stadia” games on iPhone/iPad via native mobile browsers. To do so, you need to visit “Google Stadia Official website” on your Safari browser on iPhone/iPad, log into your Google Account. Now, you can choose a game and play on your iPhone.

You can play whether if you are paid subscribers or want to play games on Stadia for free. All games from iOS browser in “Google Stadia” – cloud game streaming service can be played with $9.99 per month subscription.

Once you have opened the “Google Stadia” official website in safari browser, then you can add a home screen icon for “Google Stadia web app” on your iOS device. It means you can enjoy Stadia games directly from your iPhone/iPad home screen.

“Google Stadia” games can easily be played by connecting controllers to your iOS devices with few easy steps. But you can connect only supported controllers to your iPhone in order to play games on Google Stadia. However, you can connect any of your console controllers to your iPhone and explore “Night City” in high-fidelity.

“Google Stadia” – web version for iOS is currently available in Beta Version and Google recommends you to install the latest iOS 14.3 update in your iOS devices for better experience. This update has fixed audio issues that you have faced on previous builds. After that, you can connect any supported controllers to play “Google Stadia” games in your iPhones. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.