Google provides options for users to choose next chrome for Mac icon

Google is now working on optimizing its browser for macOS Big Sur update. It introduced new Chrome for Mac icon for latest mac update.

You can see the new icon below -the Google slammed a box around the old Chrome icon to make the new icon.

However, that’s not enough. According to Elvin Hu, the designer and developer at Google, the team has been working on a few more macOS Big-Sur themed icons for the browser and so it has been decided to let the users to choose from the options.

As you can see in the tweet, there are three icon-options to choose from. The option A is the current one, while B and C are the potential changes in the future. The twitter users appreciated the option C the most due to its vibrant look and shading textures.

Over a past few years, Google has been going through a bit of a logo redesign phase. The biggest of them is the rebranding of G-suite. You can see the changes in the logo-design happened with the G-mail from the image below.

Users may find difficulties in recognizing the exact service they want to use on their device. Thankfully, the new Chrome icon in Big Sur looks similar to Chrome.

The designer tried an icon that “strictly follows Apple’s icon grid”. But, following to the test, they find the icon so big. Thus, they shrunk the logo design in the current release.

According to Elvin, there might be little more room for the adjustments and therefore there may be changes in the logo design in the coming days.