Google Chrome Hide Notifications While Screen Sharing Feature

Google Chrome Hide Notifications While Screen Sharing Feature

According to report, Google Chrome’s development team is currently working to add a new feature “Hide Notifications while screen sharing is in progress”. This new feature will allow chrome user to block unnecessary notifications popup on screen in during meeting/ or any other work.

It will block all the incoming notifications during screen sharing session. However, the notifications blocked by this new “Notifications blocker” will be shown on the screen after meeting completes.

Google teams are working to launch this feature for not only desktop version of Chrome, but it will be also available on Android as well. Let’s take have a look at description of “Hide Notifications while screen sharing is in progress” feature.

“The notification should not show until the screen sharing session is over. This does not apply to sharing a single tab or window as those would typically not show the incoming notification anyway,”

This new feature “Notifications Blocker on Chrome” will block notifications while users start capturing a display. However, it will only cover capturing area via web contents, not whole display. It is expected that Google Company will release this feature soon on Google chrome browser. Before that, “Hide notifications while screen sharing is in progress” feature should go live in Chrome flag within Chrome Canary first coming weeks.

Chrome Flags: Chrome Flags are experimental features which are currently in development but have made it available for trial to users. Google Company will add this experimental feature as Chrome Flags to everyone’s favorite browser that can allow them to tweak UI or boost performance.

“Pause Notifications during screen sharing” will be one of the new features which will be added to Google Chrome browser soon. Chrome Flags are available on both desktop and Smartphone devices including Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and/or Linux OS. They can be found on “Chrome://flags” on any of the platforms.

Google will release this convenient feature to stable channel of Google Chrome soon. We are researching on “Pause Notifications during screen sharing” feature or “Google chrome flags” in details and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any queries, please write on comment box given below.