Google Added ‘Incognito Screenshot’ flag to Chrome to Capture Screen

According to report, Google (American Multinational Company) has added a flag to “Google Chrome 89 Canary” that allow users to take screenshots in Incognito Mode. Since, the company had removed “the ability to take screenshots in Incognito Mode” in 2018 with Google Chrome 65 on Android, due to Chrome’s users data privacy protection.

For those who are not aware, “Incognito Mode” on Google Chrome offers users to browse safely and privately without leaving traces in browser history or being monitored by cookies and website data. But this month, Google Chrome developers added new Chrome Flag to Chrome which allows the users to capture screenshots in Incognito Mode with Chrome 89 Canary Build for Android.

Like other Chromium-based Android web browsers including Firefox offer users to option “Allow screenshots in Private Browsing”, Kiwi browser offers “Protect Incognito Window” privacy settings, similarly Google Chrome browser now offers you to take screenshots in Incognito Mode.

To get this new flag on Chrome Canary or enable “Incognito Screenshot” feature, open “Chrome Canary”, visit “Chrome://flags”, search for “Incognito Screenshot”, now enable Incognito screenshot settings and then restart your browser.

The above steps will help you to enable this flag in Chrome browser on your Android device. Since, this flag “Incognito Screenshot” is now available for Chrome Canary, not for “Chrome stable version”. It is expected to see this new feature on next version of Chrome i.e., Google Chrome 88.

Google Added ‘Incognito Screenshot’ flag

At the moment, you can enjoy “Incognito Screenshot” feature on Chrome Canary. Now, open “Incognito Mode” tab in your Chrome browser on Android and use your phone’s shortcut key to take screenshot or press “Volume down and Power” buttons simultaneously. This screenshot will be stored in your phone’s storage where other screenshots is saved.

But before taking the screenshot in Incognito Mode or using this feature, you should check if “Incognito Screenshot” flag is enabled in your browser. You can enable this feature with steps mentioned above. Note that this feature will only be worked on Google Chrome Canary – unstable version at the moment. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries on “Google Added ‘Incognito Screenshot’ flag”, please write on comment box below.