Forums full with comments with iPhone 12 Pro device’s camera autofocus issue

Apple IPhone 12 Pro has 6.1 inches (15.49) display, 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP Camera, All-screen OLED Super Retina XDP screen with a resolution of 2532x 1170 pixels. The mobile comes in 2 other storage and RAM variants – Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256 6GB RAM, Apple 1Phone 12 Pro 512B 6GB RAM, with colors options – pacific Blue, Gold, Graphite and Silver. It was launched on October, 13, 2020 and received a good response.

However, there are several iPhone 12 pro who have taken to the forums complaining that the device’s camera is not functioning as intended on objects from a very close range.

Here is what one of the users’ reported;

“Just got my iPhone 12 Pro and noticed there is an issue focusing objects up close. The object up close doesn’t focus with auto focus or when I tap on the object. It will eventually work after multiple tries. Sometimes it flips between focus to out of focus continuously. I’ve never had this issue with my old iPhone 11 pro. Was just wondering if anyone experiencing the same issue or maybe I just got a defective camera.”

Here are more reports concerning about the same;

Close up autofocus indoors is broken. I’m convinced it can be fixed with software. If they can fix video orbs too, that would be super. I’m not saying Apple is doomed. Just confirming there is a bug with semi low light close up autofocus.

Photographer here on iPhone 12 pro. Yes I can confirm there’s a software bug with AF and normal lens, the bug is in the AF-lock, the camera starts to acquires the focus but when you go close it tries to switch to other lens or lidar to acquire the focus, and it fails but instead to go back to the old focus point, it get blurred”

Such comments on forums tell that he problem is pretty widespread. The IPhone struggles in focus on close-objects and tapping on the screen to force a manual focus also does not work. It is to be noted that the problem arises only in indoor lighting conditions. In the Outdoor lighting, the autofocus functions work pretty well, said one user;

Definitely appears to be related to low light shots. I was less than 2 inches away from the flower in this picture…no problems focusing. Trying to take a picture inside at the same distance foreground subject is blurry and background crystal clear”.

As you clearly seen from the image below, Iphone 12 pro showing blurred image on the top, while iPhone 12 functions as intended, in the bottom.

Both the Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 pro have the same camera setups, only the exception is that the IPhone 12 Pro has LiDAR scanner. So, it is possible that the problem is in this scanner. There is only possible workaround for this and this is to use ProCam app that offers a plethora of extra features that are not found on the default camera app.

This issue however does not affect each and every IPhone Pro users’ device. Many have commented that they received no such issues.

Apple support said it could be a software issue. I said that I had both iOS 14.1 and 14.2, they replied that “betas are tricky” and it could be fixed on later versions. Support gave me a few options, either wait for updates or go to a store and get the phone checked.

 In IOS version, however, the Iphone 12 pro device’s camera issue might be fixed on iOS 14.2 release, as the following user has reported:

iOS 12.2 RC corrects this problem. I had the problem on 12.1, and no longer have it.
Whereas on 12.1 you could see that there would be no focus, 12.2 repeatedly focuses (on all lenses).
For extra close shots, the telephoto lens is better than the regular lens.

Some users talk about that the IPhones 12 Pro autofocus seems to be less efficient overall when compared to older models like the iPhone 11.

“I’m having the same issue. Thought it was me… but the camera hunts for focus much harder than my 11Pro. Disappointing. Mine arrived Friday, too, and so I thought I’d give it the weekend to see if it was a pervasive issue or just my phone”.

If we see the Apple’s track record to fix bugs, we can say that this issue should vanish with no time.