Endless OS 3.9.0 Released with New Features, Core Components Update

According to report, Endless Mobile Inc (American Information Technology Company) has developed & released a new Linux based Endless OS with version name 3.9.0 or Endless OS 3.9.0, and with lots of new features, core components update and improvements like latest GNOME 3.38 Desktop Environment supports.

Endless OS 3.9.0 is based on GNOME Desktop Environment that brings new features, improved performances and vulnerabilities fixes. “Endless Desktop Team” explained that they were basically focused on bringing features in development of this new Endless OS back to GNOME desktop environment during this development cycle.

Such features are including ability to drag-and-drop icons on the desktop and applying parental controls to installed applications so that their work on usability and safety can reach users beyond Endless OS.

Endless OS 3.9.0 also support Linux Kernel 5.8 as a support for the latest hardware, file System, Graphics drives and security. This new Endless OS also added support for latest NVIDIA graphics card by adding “NVIDIA driver 450.66” in its new Endless OS. This new OS also contain updated low-level userspace components like Dracut 050, Xorg 1.20.8, Systemd 246 and Mesa 20.1.1.

After received users feedback from several channels, Endless team has removed the concept of “Hack Mode” from their first class learning environment. For those who are not aware, in “Hack Mode”, users had “Flip to hack” functionality to look behind the application means they can see what is happening behind the scenes, modify the application and run it in the sandbox environment.

With “Hack Mode”, users were able to desktop background or wallpaper and switched the cursor to “Hack Cursor” behind the scenes. Since, hacking affordances are available by default and not tied to a specific mode, so you can still use “Hacking Toolbox” and “Sidetrack quests” on flip side of the app. previously, pinned desktop icon had ON/OFF state. Now, it is reduced to single-state icon.

List of changes and improvements in Endless OS 3.9.0

  • Removed Custom Home Page “Exploration Center”
  • Removed “Add Web Link…” feature on the desktop
  • “Find Popular Apps” in the App Center
  • Removed Discovery Feed
  • A tool to create a USB device to collect metrics data from offline Endless OS computers manually
  • All installed apps on the desktop application grid
  • Videos 3.38 movie player from Flathub
  • Removed splash screen while apps are loading
  • Updated Help Center
  • Flatpak 1.8.2
  • Xorg graphical display server now runs as a non-privileged user instead of root

Furthermore, recently Endless OS 3.9.0 released still have some bugs including shared folders between host and VM when running on VirtualBox are not working, and other known issues. According to report, Endless Team has already acknowledged these known issues and working toward resolving, and also explained that future update will fix these known issues.

That’s all. You can download and install the latest Endless OS 3.9.0 version for desktop, virtual machine and Raspberry Pi4 from official Endless website. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.