Download Driver for Logitech QuickCam Windows 10

Logitech QuickCam software” enables you to capture impressive photos and better quality videos than integrated webcams in your computer. So, if you are using Logitech QuickCam on your Windows 10 device for business purpose or personal use, then Logitech QuickCam driver software must be installed in your computer to get full functions to work smoothly. To get driver software for you Logitech QuickCam Windows 10, please read the article carefully.

What is Logitech QuickCam Driver on Windows 10?

QuickCam” was initially designed & developed by “Connectix Corporation” in 1994 and in 1998 QuickCam product line was acquired by Logitech International S.A (American Swiss Manufacturer). At the beginning, when Connectix was owner of QuickCam, then the initial model was available only for Apple Macintosh and to connect this camera product, users were use USB port and cable.

This QuickCam model was capable of recording video at about 15 frames per second with 320 X 340 pixels of resolution. QuickCam software was included with the complete package of QuickCam and features QuickMovie for recording motion pictures and QuickPICT for capturing still images. However, QuickCam Product line was acquired by Logitech Company and nowadays, Logitech QuickCam is one of the most popular and recognized webcam brands.

If you have Logitech QuickCam for capturing photos and videos for business or individual purposes, then you need to install appropriate Logitech QuickCam software in your computer to do these tasks smoothly and to get enhanced functions or features to take impressive photographs/video, you need to update Logitech QuickCam driver software.

Sometimes, while working with Logitech QuickCam on Windows 10 computer, ”webcam/quickcam not compatible with Windows 10” issue occur. This error occur usually occurs due to incompatible QuickCam driver with your Windows 10 after upgraded your device to Windows 10 latest version. It might possible the current Windows 10 version detect incompatible driver and result in, you are facing or faced problem with your QuickCam like “Logitech QuickCam not working” issue.

Before resolving this issue with any further steps, at first you should check if your Logitech QuickCam device is in good condition. If hardware is not problematic, then comes to software part and check if driver for Logitech QuickCam is up-to-date. Because missing, corrupted or outdated QuickCam driver can cause several other problems in your computer.

If both Logitech QuickCam hardware and software is in good condition/updated and still facing “QuickCam not recognizing” related issues while try to access the camera using specific app like “Skype” or others, then problem is completely different. In case if a specific app is not allowed to access camera/webcam of your computer, then you can’t access the camera anymore.

In this case, you have to check for “camera permission” in “Settings > Privacy” whether you have allowed specific app for accessing your camera or not. If not, you need allow them for camera access and check if it working.

However, if you are sure that main reason behind “Logitech QuickCam not working” issue/problem is problematic Logitech QuickCam driver. So, you can try to fix this problem using steps below.

How to download and install driver for Logitech QuickCam Windows 10?

Step 1: Visit Official website of Logitech (Logitech Download Page)

Step 2: On the opened webpage, type your QuickCam model name in search box and hit “More” option button

Step 3: Click on “Download” tab and click on “Drivers”, and all the available software will be listed for you.

Step 4: Choose the latest & suitable driver from the list according to your Logitech QuickCam model and Windows version like Windows 10-64-bit

Step 5: Now, double-click on “setup file” or “Downloaded file” and follow on-screen instructions to finish the process of installation.


I hope this article helped you to know about Logitech QuickCam and how to download and install the driver for Logitech QuickCam on your Windows 10 computer. You can read & follow our instructions mentioned above to do so. If you have any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.