Download and Install GeForce Graphics Driver on Windows 10

Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver is required for your GeForce Graphics cards including GeForce 600 series, GeForce 900 series, GeForce 10 series, GeForce 16 series, GeForce RTX 20 series, GeForce RTX 30 series, TITAN series and others. Once Nvidia GeForce graphics card (hardware) installed, then it is now time to install driver for your NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card on your computer.

What is NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver?

GeForce is graphics card (Nvidia’s brand) designed & developed by NVIDIA Company. GeForce 20 series is 17th GPU belongs to GeForce family. Most recent GeForce technology has been designed for electronics handhelds and mobile handsets, and introduced into NVIDIA’s line of integrated application processors.

Latest GeForce Graphics Driver or updated driver installed on your Nvidia graphics card based computer will ensure your GPU is running as intended and optimize its performance with new games that you will run smoother at launch. Fact is that new drivers or latest drivers may occasionally be required to access specific graphics features such as Nvidia’s RTX ray-tracing or Deep learning Super-Sampling (DLSS) in the games.

Nvidia latest driver is 456.38 drivers which is also support for features like Ansel, Freestyle and screen recording on compatible Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. To get drivers for your NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card installed on your computer, you have two options including “Download the driver using GeForce Experience” and “Download the drivers from NVIDIA directly”.

If you have drivers for your GeForce Graphics cards already installed in your Windows 10 computer, then you check for driver updates through Nvidia GeForce Experience. “GeForce Experience” is software belongs to NVIDIA family, which automatically detects the installed NVIDIA graphics card on your computer and download/install the latest drivers for your Nvidia display adapter.

As discussed above, latest Nvidia drivers for graphics card comes with extra features and can help you optimize your games’ settings for best performance or quality on your machine. If you have new releasd Nvidia graphics card like Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, then “GeForce Game Ready Driver” with 456.38 versions will be enough for boost gaming performance and experience, while Nvidia drivers 456.55 (latest drivers) enables support for Nvidia Reflex in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Star Wars: Squadrons” games with improved performance.

How to download and Install GeForce Graphics Driver on Windows 10?

Step 1: At first, you need to visit “Nvidia Driver Download Page” and search for drivers for GeForce Graphics card manually

Step 2: In “Product Type:” drop down, select “GeForce”

Step 3: In “Product Series” option, select “GeForce 10 series” or other product series which you have

Step 4: In “Product” section, select the actual model of your video card

Step 5: In “Operating System” section, choose “Windows 10 64-bit” or other version which you have

Step 6: In “Windows Driver Type” option, choose “Standard”. Once you have installed the GeForce Experience software alongside your driver, it will automatically update to DCH if there is the type you need.

Step 7: In “Download Type” section, choose “Game Ready Driver (GRD)”

Step 8: Now, hit “Search” button to start searching for the drivers

Step 9: From the results appear, click on “Download” on the latest & suitable driver for GeForce Graphics cards and then install the software

Note:GeForce Experience” software will automatically install drivers for your NVIDIA graphics card in your computer. So, you can use software also. To download and install “GeForce Experience” software, just visit NVIDIA Download page official website and download the software.


You can download and install GeForce Graphics Driver from Nvidia Download page (Official) or through “GeForce Experience” software, with our instructions mentioned above. If this article really helped you, then you can share this with others.