How to Fix Check Disk causing an Error on Windows 10

According to report, Microsoft Company has already started rolling out a fix for ‘Check Disk causing an error on Windows 10’ or ‘Boot Failure issue occurs when running Check Desk Tool’. If you are unaware, ‘Chkdsk Tool’ or ‘Check Disk Tool’ is built-in feature of Windows operating System allows users to check for a windows device’s volumes for file System and repair the logical file System errors.

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Error Code 0x8007001f: Fix Windows 10 update Errors

0x8007001f” is common error associated with Windows 10 update. This hexadecimal error code usually occurs during Window update installation that prevents you from installing the latest updates. There are several reasons behind this problem including faculty third-party applications, problematic System drivers, malware or viruses issue, corrupted Windows update component during installation, and outdated security programs.

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How to Fix Computer WiFi not working Windows 10 [Easy Guide]

WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) connection is the most convenient medium to access a network without messing around with cables. WiFi can be used on PCs/laptops, tablets, mobile phones and/other supported devices and it is easy to setup & configure on these devices. For example, if you want to connect to WiFi network on Windows 10 computer, then you need to select a network from WiFi List on the lower-right side of Windows taskbar > Network’s availability option.

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How to Fix NordVPN failed to connect on Windows 10

NordVPN” is VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service provider that is available as applications for Microsoft Windows OS, MacOS, Linux, Android OS, iOS based devices including PCs/laptops/tablets/mobile phones as well as application available for Android TV. Manual setup for this VPN installation is also available for NAS (Network-attached storage) devices, wireless routers and other platforms. NordVPN offers servers for specific purposes including Peer-to-peer file sharing, double-encryption and connection to the Tor anonymity network.

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How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Windows 10 [Easy Guide]

Factory Reset HP Laptop Windows 10” is one of the best method to fix any problems or bugs occurred in your computer and/or reset all the modification made in settings of your HP laptop based on Windows 10 to the default. “Windows 10 reset” allow you to repair your computer by reinstalling your Windows 10 Operating System. So, if want to reset your Windows 10 based HP laptop for some reasons, then you can read our article carefully.

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Download Driver for Logitech QuickCam Windows 10

Logitech QuickCam software” enables you to capture impressive photos and better quality videos than integrated webcams in your computer. So, if you are using Logitech QuickCam on your Windows 10 device for business purpose or personal use, then Logitech QuickCam driver software must be installed in your computer to get full functions to work smoothly. To get driver software for you Logitech QuickCam Windows 10, please read the article carefully.

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HP Webcam Driver Windows 10 Download and Install

Built-in webcams in your HP computers allows you to capture video motion or still images. HP Webcam is similar to scanner or camera that requires software to accomplish function. So if you have Windows 10 OS based HP computer or HP notebook with built-in webcam, then you have to download and install HP Webcam Driver Windows 10 if don’t have, and if driver is already installed, then check for driver update. If update is required, then you should try to update HP webcam driver immediately.

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Reinstall Realtek Sound Driver (Easy Steps)

Realtek Audio is very popular among Windows PC users and probably you are also using Windows device with realtek audio. The sound you are hearing through your PC is because there is a Realtek HD audio codec and the compatible driver. There are many users who use sound card or use HDMI but that is a different topic all together.

In order to communicate between the OS and realtek audio, you need to download a Realtek sound driver. You can go to the device manager option of your work-station and search for Windows update in order to get a new driver. Since we are specially talking about the Windows 10 OS, the steps to check the Windows update has been mentioned below.

  • Click on Start menu > Device Manager. Look for “Sound, Video and Game Controller” and select the connected device. Right click on the chosen device and select “update driver”.

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