Play Google Stadia Games on iPhone/iPad [Easy Guide]

Google Stadia” – is the cloud game streaming service designed & developed by Google Company. This game streaming service allows users to stream AAA titles directly from Google’s servers without requiring any special hardware. It means you won’t need to buy any expensive hardware to play AAA titles. Additionally, you won’t need to download games while using Google stadia. You can simply hit “Play” button on the game you want to play using this game streaming service.

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Oppo Shows Off Its Foldable Phone with Tri-Fold Design

According to report, Oppo (Chinese Smartphone Maker) is currently planning to manufacturer and release its first foldable Smartphone. After Samsung and Huawei, Oppo will be next Smartphone Maker to bring foldable phones in the market. Oppo’ s Vice-President, “Brian Shen” shared image on “Weibo” and explained that the prototype of foldable Smartphone by Oppo features an outward-wrapped flexible display.

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Apple Working On its In-House Modems for Upcoming iPhones, iPads

According to report, Apple Company is currently working on its own In-House Modems development and planning to integrate in its upcoming iPhones and iPads. For those who are not aware, the company currently uses Qualcomm’s modem or 5G modems in its iPhone 12 lineup of phones. But now the Apple has changed the plan and wants to release its upcoming iPhones powered by its own in-House Modems.

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