Kdenlive 20.12 Video Editor Released with New Subtitling Tool

According to report, Kdenlive Developers behind Kdenlive – the free and open-source video editor have released a new version dubbed as Kdenlive 20.12 which has several new impressive features as well as usual bug fixes. The developers have already started to roll out this new updated version and explained that 20.12 have several new features which is already added in advanced list of tools.

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Twitter Releases ‘Space’ Audio ChatRoom Feature

According to report, Twitter Company has released its new feature as “Audio ChatRoom” in Beta version where Twitter users will be capable of creating or joining chatroom, and share audio clips in tweets and DM (Direct Messages). This Beta Test of Audio Chat rooms is known as “Spaces”, which will allow you to send audio clips in tweets, and to create your own chat rooms for others to join.

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Google Stadia Web Version Released for iOS Devices

According to report, Google Company has recently released “Google Stadia” for iOS devices means iOS devices including iPhone and iPad users can now use “Google Stadia” – cloud game streaming service on their devices. Since, Apple Company doesn’t allow the apps like Stadia to be on App Store. Due to this reason, “Google Stadia” is not available on “Apple App Store”.

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