How to Fix External Hard Drive making clicking noise

Are you experiencing External Hard Drive making clicking noise issue in the middle of your work on PC/Laptop? Have you heard “Click, Click, Click” sound coming from your external hard drive? If yes, then it is sure that something went wrong with your PC/laptop or your hard drive. Waiting too long to troubleshoot the problem can lead to computer crash and even complete data loss. So if you are facing the same and looking for easy steps to fix, then you can read & follow our instructions to fix this problem.

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How to Reset your Snapchat Password without Email or Phone Number

If you forgot your Snapchat account password and/or if you want to change Snapchat password for some reasons, then you can do so at anytime by simply clicking on “Forgot your password?” link on Snapchat login screen and follow the required steps to change/reset your password. This “Forgot your password?” link will allow you to perform password resetting operation via email or phone number. But for some security reasons, if you are unable to reset password via email or phone number, you can read & follow our instructions to do so.

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How Do I fix Teamviewer not working?

TeamViewer is very powerful proprietary software that can be used for various things primarily for desktop sharing and remote control, remote IT assistance and so on. Additionally, in this Covid 19 period, it is being used for web conferencing, Online meeting, file transfer and so on. It is compatible with all the popular platforms including Windows OS, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and so on.

Time and again some users complains about Teamviewer not working on their work-station and they claim that “teamviewer cannot connect” error message appear on the screen at the bottom next to red light. Read more

Know How To Fix chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives

chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives” is common error usually appear when you run “CHKDSK Command in Command Prompt” on Raw hard drive, raw USB external hard drive, raw pendrive, flash drive or raw memory card when these storage devices are crashed or damaged for some reasons. In other word, if the file System of the drive including hard drive, USB external hard drive and/or other is RAW, then you will receive “chkdsk is not available for Raw Drives” error message in order to run “CHKDSK” command.

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How to stop my emails being marked as spam

Tell me, why this happens that every time when I send email from my email address through Gmail to my contacts, a large number of it are arriving at the recipients’ spam section. My friend just told me about this. Suggest me the reasons why my emails go in the recipient’s spam sections? How to stop my emails being marked as spam?

You may come here in this page with such questions in mind. Well, in this guide we will try to explain the reasons why any emails are marked as spam and what to do to make sure that they don’t. Let’s begin with knowing why emails are marked as spam. Read more

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