Avast Report found several scam apps being promoted on TikTok and Insta profiles

A year Czech girl, who was a participant in Avast’s Be Safe Online Project, reported a scam app promoted on TikTok to the CyberSecurity firm, Avast. With that, the security firm led to discovery of 7 apps in total of this kind.

These apps were found to be promoting on at least 3 TikTok Profiles (one of which has total 3 lakh followers) and an Insta account with fifty thousand followers. They were downloaded over 2.4 Million times that allowed their owners to earned around $5, 00,000.

According to Avast researchers, the malicious apps were developed by same individuals/groups, known as Abdelsatar Abdalmotaleb, Moteleb Inc., or Go Best.

Those adware scam apps were available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, promoted as game, wallpaper or free music download apps. Some of these carried HiddenAds Trojan that hides the app icon and makes it difficult to locate the source of ads.

After the install, these apps ask Android and Mac users for the permission to use camera, microphone, and storage and even read contacts and access to perform multiple functions.

Being a starter, what you should go ahead and download any apps is to read the reviews. If you are downloading from Play Store, there is fairly good chance that you will find helpful reviews. Scam apps generally have no many reviews. Second important thing is that, you should be choosy about how you let your apps access your microphone, camera, location and storage.

Also, check the in-app purchases, for example, if a wallpaper app asks you to pay certain amount of fee, you should reconsider about it before pay for it. At last, you should try stick to official app stores only for any software download. These are safer because they quickly remove any reported scam apps.