Apple macOS Big Sur Release with New Control Center and Improvements

According to report, Apple Company is going to release macOS Big Sur– the upcoming desktop and laptop Operating System for Mac devices as “macOS 11.0 version”, on 12 November 2020. The company has already announced the release date and explained that this new MacOS will arrive with new and refreshed UI, new features and performance enhancements.

At the same event “One More Thing”- virtual event, Apple launched the latest line of MacBooks and upgraded Mac Mini powered by its in-house M1 processor and also announced that macOS Big Sur as update will be rolled to iMacs and Macbooks dating back to 2013 with several new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Since, Apple has already released macOS Big Sur Beta version in August this year and now planned to release its stable version on 12th November. Apple macOS Big Sur stable version will have several new features including improved Message threading, in-lines replies and redesigned Maps app which is already features of iOS 14. These features along many other iOS 14 features are porting to new macOS Big Sur as mentioned in Apple’s blog on this release.

Apple macOS Big Sur supports new Control Center which will allow users to quick access to brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth and Volume. It also includes a new notification center that will keep all of your notifications and widgets in single column, which will be sort alerts by the most recent and group related notifications together.

Other enhancements include macOS Big Sur will have taller menu bars, font color will be changed according to desktop background and more translucent windows. Moreover, some Apps on Mac devices like Mail and Photos will also have new designed and looks impressive with this new update. The new update also features new version of Maps, custom guides, 360-degree location views, bicycle and electric-vehicle directions, live updates for shared ETAs, congestions zones, and indoor maps.

In privacy & security term, Apple macOS Big Sur stable version will have updated Safari based on privacy & security. It added the support including in-built intelligence tracking prevention tool to stop the tracker from monitoring your browsing activities. Another privacy feature will be password monitoring to prevent folks from using previously breached passwords.

Rosetata 2 Dynamic Binary Translator” is another feature of Apple macOS Big Sur stable version will allow users to run x86 applications on M1-powered devices. With this upcoming macOS Big Sur update, almost all the Apple apps like mail, safari, Messages will get the latest update. That’s all. You can download/install macOS Big Sur stable version from 12th November- release date for this new OS. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.